Michael Hoggan

Michael Hoggan
Professor, Film Production Option
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Michael Hoggan is a native from Phoenix, Arizona and completed his BA and MA in Art from San Diego State University. During this same time frame he also acquired teaching credentials in Elementary, Secondary and Junior College Education. As a graduate student he received 1st place with his sculpture presentation in the famed San Diego County State Fair in Del Mar. After graduation his life as a burgeoning artist took a turn when he arrived in Los Angeles and began working in the CBS Network Promotional Department. The intense, high paced experience was the birth place of his life in filmmaking. Here the full scope of the postproduction process was learned in a baptism of fire. Gathering of material, writing, editing, sound and music design, sound mixing, negative cutting, hot splicing and the politic of human negotiation with the various executives at the network were all a part of this delicious boiling stew.

During the next 30 years he has enjoyed a plethora of experiences in the Motion Picture Industry. As a writer he received his first screen writing credit for "The French Connection", an episode of Miami Vice. He served as Editor of the CINEMEDIATOR, the monthly periodical for the American Cinema Editors from 1993 to 1995.

Currently he is in the final stages of completing a text book on the ART AND CRAFT OF MOTION PICTURE EDITING, perhaps the first book to attempt to describe the scope of this amazing craft and art form.

He directed second unit for the MIAMI VICE and the CRIME STORY series for NBC. He earned his first directing credit with "The Cell Within" an episode of MIAMI VICE.

The majority of his time in the Motion Picture Business was spent as a picture editor. He has edited on over 20 different TV series including such diverse shows as: EARLY EDITION , COP ROCK, MIAMI VICE, COMIC VIEW, and FANTASY ISLAND. There were assignments on TV pilots such as The Big Easy, Misfits of Science, Celebrity and Homefront. There were also assignments doing long form TV with such projects as the six hour mini series FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, and the two hour MIAMI VICE special. During this course of the time he received two Emmy nominations and two ACE Eddie nominations for his work on "Smugglers Blues" an episode of MIAMI VICE and "Snafu" the pilot of HOMEFRONT.

Michael has had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Cinema Editors (the Phi Beta Cappa organization of the film editing profession) for three terms and served one term as its President from 1992-1994. He has also served on judging panels for the TV Academy, CableACE, and ACE Eddie.