BTS: A Global Interdisciplinary Conference II

  • BTS group on stage
  • BTS group at a meet the press
  • BTS group dancing on stage
  • BTS group at meet the press

BTS A Global Interdisciplinary Online Conference


This conference brought together academics, fans, and music and media industry practitioners in a supportive and inclusive space to talk, debate and share ideas about BTS. In addition to presentations of scholarly research,  workshops. videos, a fan art exhibition, and a charity raffle were also featured.

Topics included:

  • Participatory culture and fandom
  • Music Studies and Music Education, including Hip-Hop and Hybridity
  • Dance Studies
  • Connect, BTS
  • Identities and Intersectional practices: gender, sexuality, race, age, dis/ability,
  • National and ethnic identities
  • Music Videos: Aesthetics and Attributes
  • Documentary and Reality Television
  • Mental Health awareness
  • Citizen Politics
  • International Relations
  • Education and Educational Psychology
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • BTS and Online