Undergraduate Program Overview

All students will learn:

1. Acquire a basic knowledge, theories, and concepts about art; develop a foundation of art skills and a high level of craftspersonship; communicate ideas and concepts through writing, speaking and art making; acquire a competency with the tools and technologies associated with the visual arts.

2. Broaden knowledge of ancient through contemporary art; develop an understanding of the theoretical, cultural, and historical contexts of art.

3. Apply processes of generating and solving problems in art; analyze, interpret and question traditional methodologies and preconceived notions of art and art making.

4. Explore and engage in interdisciplinary forms of art making.

5. Develop an appreciation and tolerance of diverse perspectives dealing with art, culture, teaching and learning.

6. Become involved in both individual and collaborative art experiences with other students, faculty, and community.

7. Develop a career path for an art profession or an art-related field; develop an understanding of the demands and expectations of that area of art profession or art field.

Areas of Concentration

Art Education
Art History
Visual Arts with concentration in:

For more information contact the undergraduate program coordinator at (818) 677-2348.