Tokuroh Arimitsu

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(818) 677-3035
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AC 334


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Professor, 1985
Ph.D. 1982, Texas Technology University 
M.A. 1970, Kent State University
B.A. 1968, Marian College

Born in Japan, Arimitsu came to the US as Fulbright Fellow and earned his PhD from Texas Tech University in 1982. Arimitsu joined California State University, Northridge in 1985 as a faculty member of the Art Department and has held an array of administrative leadership positions of increasing responsibility for eight and half years as the Art 3D Chair and the Director of Cultural Affairs for the Country of Belize, Central America. In addition to his many administrative contributions and teaching, Arimitsu has continued to remain an active artist and a scholar, and has earned an international reputation, the respect of colleagues, and continues to bring distinction to the college and university. Through his international travels and photography, he sought to understand the Japanese better while living and teaching abroad. His attention encompassed the relationship between man and nature... abstract as well as realistic photographic style. He has joined who started the “new photo movement” which sparked the modernism photography in Japan. At the time, the debate over whether photography was a technical field or an artistic one continued on. This new photo movement contributed a lot toward the recognition of photography as a fine art. He dedicates his life to have photography recognized as a fine art in Japan and the world. Currently Arimitsu is on CSUN Early Retirement Program and teaches every Fall semester.