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The printmaking area offers traditional and experimental, cross-disciplinary exploration of the four major printmaking media—intaglio, relief, serigraphy, and lithography. Technique development and understanding the principles of the media are stressed in the beginning as a base for investigation into self-directed, personal content.

Printmaking is a versatile medium accepting multiple working methods, including historical to contemporary, handmade to computer generated marks, two-dimensional to three-dimensional, easily incorporating approaches from other art disciplines.

Theories behind the process of printmaking and those relevant to contemporary printmaking are taught so that curiosity is sparked and investigation ensues. Through class discussions and group critiques students learn how to talk and think critically about art, becoming versed in the language of their medium. The Northridge campus is within reach of the offerings the greater Los Angeles cultural scene has to offer. From visits to studios, museums, and galleries, to visiting lecturers and workshops, students see the trajectory of the art world first hand.

Students develop a solid foundation, individual approaches to form and content, and understanding of how their artwork fits into both a contemporary and historical context, so they are prepared to pursue their professional goals outside the doors of CSUN's classroom.

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