Peri Klemm

Peri M. Klemm
(818) 677-2717
Office location:
SG 237


Spring 2021

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Professor, 2003
Ph.D. Emory University
B.A. University of California, San Diego

Peri M. Klemm, Ph.D. is Professor of African, Oceanic, and Native American art history. Her courses address the cultural context of global arts and the receptions and display of non-Western art in the West. Her published materials focus on identity, dress, and the body in the Horn of Africa. Peri has received a Fulbright award and an Andrew W. Mellon grant to conduct research on African art.
At the CSUN Art Galleries, she has co-curated with her exhibition design students ‘Sewn Stories: Fante Flags from Ghana,’ ‘San Simon: Manifestations of a Guatemalan Folk Saint,’ ‘African Arts in the Lifecycle,’ ‘Island Affinities: Contemporary Arts of Oceania,’ and ‘Bareedina: Women of Oromia.’
Peri is currently UCLA consortium editor of Africa Arts Journal, editor for the arts of Africa for Smarthistory at Khan Academy and past president of the Arts Council of the African Studies Association. Her book, Dressing Modern Like our Mothers. Dress, Identity and Cultural Praxis in Oromia with Africa World Press is coming out in January 2022.