Ken Sakatani

(818) 677-2242
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AC 100


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FALL 2016
PDF iconART 380 Syllabus/Schedule (PDF)
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Professor, 2003
B.F.A, University of Southern California
M.A., California State University, San Francisco
Ph.D., Stanford University

Dr. Ken Sakatani teaches art education courses (Art485, Studio Problems in Teaching Crafts; Art486, Studio Problems in Teaching Art). Professor Sakatani has taught in elementary, secondary, and college venues, and was an associate professor of art education, and the educational media director at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Sakatani was awarded a Milken Family National Educator Award and served on the advisory board of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Dr. Sakatani also assisted in the development of teacher assessment and evaluation for the National Standards for Visual Art. Dr. Sakatani’s research interests are in curriculum and professional development, and uses of emerging digital media in educational settings  (i.e., virtual reality, touch screen technologies, etc.).