Joy von Wolffersdorff

(818) 677-5153
Office location:
SG 512


Professor, 1985

M.F.A., 1990, California State University, Long Angeles, 
summa cum laude
B.A., 1983, University of California, Davis
B.F.A., 1983, Art Center College of Design, cum laude

Joy von Wolffersdorff joined the faculty of California State University Northridge in 1985. She is a professor of art. She teaches classes in drawing, composition and watercolor. She is the area head for drawing and she teaches graduate drawing classes for both the MA and the MFA.

Her professional work focuses on environmental issues with current work specific to climate change and it’s impact on both the environment and wildlife. Although her first love in art is drawing, she uses whatever medium she feels will most effectively express a given concept. This may include drawing, painting, printmaking and other mediums.

To discuss Kimberly Clark clear cutting old growth trees in the Boreal forest she made a series of white tree silhouettes on brown background, representing the eight main trees in the forest. Each page was handmade paper made from the pulp of Kleenex boxes and the ghost images of the trees were made from Kleenex pulp imbedded into the page. She is working on a long-term project of a series of 8’ large quilts with photo transfers to show the effects of climate change. She enjoys working with scientists whenever possible and is currently working on a project with Glacier National Park and the USGS on the retreating glaciers in the park.

During her early studies in art at the University of California Davis (BA) she focused on fine art and studied with such artists as Bob Arneson, Roland Petersen and Wayne Thiebaud. While majoring in fine art at Art Center College of Design (BFA) her portfolio shifted into editorial illustration. She continued to work in this field for several years. When she did her graduate work at California State University Los Angeles (MFA) she returned to fine art and her work moved into three-dimensional assemblage and installation work.

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