Art Education

Every public middle school and high school art teacher in California is expected to teach visual art based on the California Visual & Performing Arts Framework and Content Standards. In addition, every multiple subject elementary school teacher who teaches in California public schools is expected to teach content standards-based art curriculum as well.

The Art Department offers undergraduate and graduate students a concentration in Art Education, which includes California state-certified coursework in the subject matter of visual art. Completing this pre-credential coursework in studio art, art teaching and curriculum development, plus passing an art portfolio review, are required for entrance into the College of Education credential program to teach visual art in the secondary (middle and high school) grades. 

The Art Education program also serves non-art major, pre-service students who wish to become multiple-subject elementary teachers. Courses in this category specifically address the teaching of art from pre-kindergarten through upper elementary grades.

The Masters in Art Education is a graduate program for those students who wish to extend their knowledge of teaching Art. The course content of the program, which is highly individualized to support the different needs of students, encompasses art studio, art history, philosophy, and cultural studies.