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Advisement Office

PHONE: (818) 677-2348
HOURS: MTRF 8am-5pm • W 8am-7pm

All art majors are recommended to meet with a faculty advisor each semester. Lower division art majors (29-59 units) will have a mandatory hold placed on their class registration each semester, requiring an appointment with the department academic advisor for clearance. All students are highly recommended to meet with the academic advisor and their faculty advisor to assure the completion of requirements for graduation. Appointments are booked through the Art Advisement Center located in AC100, (818) 677-2348.

All courses taken beyond the core requirements by Art Majors must be approved by their Department Advisor. An Art Department Advising Form is required for this purpose. Students transferring from a non-accredited institution may be required to submit a portfolio.

Requirements for completion of your degree as well as course listings and descriptions can be found at the University Online Catalog. The current Schedule of Classes can be found here.

For Art Advisement, students can request an appointment by emailing Abraham Zapata, Monday thru Friday.
Please include a CSUN student ID number and use a CSUN email.
Abraham Zapata
Undergraduate Advisor