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Video art came into existence just over 50 years ago. Since then, the medium has literally exploded and evolves daily. What was once viewable on a single monitor can now be simultaneously streamed by millions. Works that required specialized technology and extensive software training can now be created on a phone app. This availability has redefined a creative discipline that had no concrete definition in its beginnings. Video has the potential to be the most accessible art medium, through format and content. It can be literal and relatable, recontextualizing media and material we are already familiar with, while simultaneously abstracted, experimental, and exploring conceptual content. 

This exhibition, Videoooohhhhh, is a survey of video artworks from CSUN students in the Photography/Video program in 2020. The works range from undergraduates in their first video course to our graduate students and alumni. The breadth and diversity of the work is indicative of the level of experimentation in our program. Projects range from explorations of abstraction and appropriation, social media and pop culture critique, to narrative film and documentary approaches.

—Candice Greathouse

Aaron Morado

Aaron Morado, One Who Can't Move, A Reimaging of Yvonne Rainer's 1966 "Hand Movie", CSUN Undergraduate, 00:04:07, 2020

Amy Diaz

Amy Diaz, Untitled (Apologies), CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:01:33, 2020

Ashleen Cummins

Ashleen Cummins, What the Devil Does, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:01:30, 2020

Christopher Siefert

Christopher Siefert, Expansion, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:01:36, 2020

Coby Cerna

Coby Cerna, Untitled (Plane), CSUN MA Program Alumni, 00:00:11, 2020

Demetri Madrigal

Demetri Madrigal: Infinity, Bubble Tea (Feat. Juu & Cinders) Dark Cat, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:03:00, 2020

Elaina Navarro

Elaina Navarro, Color Wave, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:00:37, 2020 

Esperanza Suarez

Esperanza Suarez, Untitled (Keanu), CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:01:56, 2020

Garen Novruzyan

Garen Novruzyan, Fountain of Grape Juice (for Dionysus), CSUN MA Program Alumni, 00:02:00, 2020

Gemma Jimenez Gonzalez

Gemma Jimenez Gonzalez, Child’s Play, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:01:02, 2020

Hoang Vu Nguyen

Hoang Vu Nguyen, The American Dream, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:05:20, 2020

Jake Martinez

Jake Martinez, Commute, CSUN MA Program, 00:36:03, 2020

Jay Avila

Jay Avila, Voices, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:05:25, 2020

Juan Acuna

Juan Acuna, !994, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:05:12, 2020

Kristi Larsen

Kristi Larsen, Struttin’, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:00:33, 2020

Lauren Maryam Moradi

Lauren Maryam Moradi, Limp Wobble, CSUN MFA Program, 00:1:51, 2020

Lizeth Carlos

Lizeth Carlos, Pollution, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:01:52, Fall 2020

Luis Tarin

Luis Tarin, Contrails, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:00:52, Spring 2020

Masaya Hirose

Masaya Hirose, Untitled (Beautiful Video), CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:03:30, 2020

Matthew Chan

Matthew Chan, Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls, CSUN MFA Program Alumni, 00:02:59, 2020

Matthew Nespor

 Matthew Nespor, Untitled (My Time Will Come), CSUN MA Program, 00:03:26, 2020

Noelle Nakamura

Noelle Nakamura, Don’t Mind Me, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:00:57, 2020 

Sean McDannold

Sean McDannold, Sleep Sweats Documentary, CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:07:05, 2020

Tirsa Delate

Tirsa Delate, Dancing on Leaves, CSUN MFA Program Alumni, 00:14:12, 2020

Vanuhi Nadimya

Vanuhi Nadimyan, Untitled (Pride & Prejudice), CSUN Undergraduate Program, 00:02:16, 2020