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October 27 – December 8, 2012

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 27 / 4-6 pm
Gallery Talk: Monday, October 29 / 10 am

Curated by Samantha Fields, this is a group exhibition featuring artists whose work depicts visions of future dystopias based on a turbulent present.  Desert wastelands, faux fallen satellites, devises designed to ensure your survival and a world seemingly run by giant computer servers; the artists in this show offer a prescient window into a world that not only may be, but in some places, already exists. Artists include Lisa Adams, Libby Clarke, Daniel Dove, Trygve Faste, Sean Higgins, Kelly McLane,  Thomas Muller and Klutch Stanaway.

Additional events in conjunction for this exhibition taking place in Art and Design Center Rm 300 (Purple Crit Room) are as follows:

October 29:  Lecture/Critiques, Trygve Faste  -- 2 pm

November 5: Lecture,  Libby Clarke  -- 10 am

November 5-8 Workshops with Libby Clarke  -- Time TBD

November 14: Lecture,  Thomas Muller -- 8 am

November 14: Lecture/Critiques,  Sean Higgins -- 5 pm

November  19: Lecture/Critiques,  Daniel Dove -- 2 pm

November 20: Lecture/Critiques,  Lisa Adams-- 2 pm

November 29: Lecture/Critiques,  Klutch Stanway -- 11 am     

December 4: Lecture, Kelly McLane -- 2 pm

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