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 2020 and 2021
Graduate Exhibition Master of Arts | Master of Fine Arts
In, On, and Around 

On View: October 2-30, 2021

Exhibiting Artists:
Matt Brugger, Coby Cerna, Matthew Chan, Tirsa Delate, Alicia Dianne, Erin Eleniak, Anja Honisett, Adrienne Kinsella, Patricia Lauletta, Jake Martinez, Hanna Miller, Lauren Moradi, Matthew Nespor, Rory Nester, Garen Novruzyan, Michael Roman, Stephen Sariñana-Lampson, Christopher Taylor, & Elizabeth Weber.



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Due to Covid-19, masks are required and appointments must be made in advance

There is a CSU Vaccine mandate starting September 30th.

Everyone who attends the gallery starting September 30 and later must have proof of vaccination. Visitors must have their physical card or a digital copy with them to show at the door. For Children under the age of 12 (because they are ineligible for the vaccine) they must present proof of a negative covid-19 test from their school within the week of attending the gallery or proof of a negative test within 72 hours of attending the gallery. Children under 5 will not be permitted.

Here are the types of masks that are acceptable:

On the day you are attending, you MUST fill out the Covid screening form at this link:
You will then receive a confirmation email. In order to be admitted, you MUST forward your confirmation email to Erika Ostrander at

Please visit our website and for updates.


The CSUN Campus has transitioned to virtual instruction and social distancing with the majority of employees working remotely. However, we are still here to support you! Please see the information below to reach the Art Galleries. You will get voicemail on the phone number below which will be checked regularly throughout the business day and you will receive a response as soon as possible. 

University Art Galleries

(818) 677-2156

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