• Meet the Clubs - Spring 2022

Meet The Clubs Spring 2022

A CSUN tradition has returned virtually for the Spring 2022 semester! During this virtual event, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with our many student organizations LIVE! Meet The Clubs Spring 2022 will be hosted only on MataSync. View the Master Calendar. Here is a Tutorial on how to filter an excel sheet.

The event will be LIVE on:

February 1st and February 2nd

Only on MataSync

Student Organizations Instructions: You must complete the following Google Form to Request participation in the MataSync Virtual Fair. Everyone who is approved will gain access to sign-up for MTC on the organization’s MataSync Portal. Once approved:

log in to MataSync and select your organization under the Manage view to see the option to sign-up for Meet The Clubs. If you would like your organization to participate in the event and need instructions on how to sign-up, please visit the Organization Sign-Up Guide on MataSync.

Need Access to MataSync to RSVP?: Please be aware that only the President has access to sign-up their organization for Meet the Clubs. If you need to change your organization’s primary contact in your MataSync portal (i.e. you are the new president), please fill out this form.

Unregistered Organization/Frozen MataSync Portal Instructions: If your organization’s MataSync portal is FROZEN, please answer the question about Re-registration in the Google Form. The Clubs and Organizations Team will review your submission and make your portal ACTIVE to sign-up for Meet the Clubs.

New Clubs/Organizations (without a MataSync portal) Instructions: If you are a new club that is not university-recognized yet and would still like to participate in Meet the Clubs, please contact Czarina Martinez (czarina.martinez@csun.edu).

Video Update Instructions: We are asking clubs to update your 1-minute video that is uploaded on their MataSync portal, YouTube channel, and/or other social media platforms. These videos include the following:

  • information/introduction of your board for this upcoming year
  • What your club/organization does (i.e. events you put on, fundraisers, values, etc.)

Please make sure that if you use any music in the background of your video, it is appropriate and does not contain any offensive language. We also kindly ask that you caption your video as well. Please post your video on your organization’s YouTube. Once you have done that, upload the video to your MataSync Portal (Management Features).

Attendees and Accommodations: Visit the Event Page where you can learn more details about Meet the Clubs Spring 2022.

*NCOD ACCOMMODATIONS: If you need accommodations for Meet the Clubs Spring 2022, please fill out the Event page above by January 25th.

Feel free to reach out to us via email at micclubs@csun.edu for any questions or concerns.