CSUN Food Pantry


Matador Coaches Team Up to Assist CSUN Food Pantry - CSUN Athletics

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - The staff of Matador head coaches has collectively teamed up to benefit the CSUN Food Pantry as the group made its first donation on Friday,...

Using CSUN’s Food Pantry during a global pandemic

“Guys, it’s time,” I said, as I turned to my roommate after assessing my food situation. For the past couple of weeks, I watched as my pantry shelf became more bare, the line of food receding faster than a middle-aged man’s hairline...

Wizard of Oz Concert Benefit Concert

Screening of The Wizard of Oz at the Food Pantry Benefit Concert!  Featuring students from CSUN's Youth Philharmonic and CSUN Music Department..


Pop-up Pantry gives out fresh food to students

The first CSUN Pop-up Pantry of the semester gave out fresh fruit and vegetables to hundreds of students at the University Student Union on Wednesday, Feb. 27..

CSUN Food Pantry Takes Next Big Step

The CSUN Food Pantry helps students, faculty and staff in need of emergency food assistance and basic necessities, at no cost to the CSUN population..


Students who need help buying food can apply for CalFresh on campus

CSUN students who are in need of additional financial assistance may be able to receive extra money each month specifically for purchasing food..


Alumni, Faculty and Staff Make a Difference for Students by Donating to Food Pantry

When California State University, Northridge announced the opening of two food pantries on campus for students struggling to pay for food and essential home supplies..

Two New Food Pantries at CSUN Aid Students in Need

To help students who suffer from food insecurity at California State University, Northridge, the Matador Involvement Center (MIC) as well as the Women’s Research and Resource Center have opened food pantries on campus this fall semester..