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Dr. David Ackerman- 2017 Marketing Educator of the Year

April 17, 2017

The Marketing Educators Association (MEA), an international organization whose mission is to advance the practice and scholarship of marketing education, awarded the "2017 MEA Marketing Educator of the Year Award” to CSUN marketing professor David S. Ackerman. Dr. Ackerman received the award at the organization’s annual conference and was the keynote speaker at the annual awards banquet on April 6, 2017. Dr. Ackerman has been a member of MEA since 1999, and serves on the organization’s Board of Directors in the position of Marketing Director. He has contributed and presented numerous academic papers and special session discussions at annual MEA conferences over the years, as well as serving in other roles such as session chair. Since his first MEA Conference in 1999 he has attended every annual conference and has  contributed at least one (and usually more) papers and presentations each year. Congratulations to Dr. Ackerman! Well deserved!