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Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Backgrounds Show Real CSUN Spirit During Virtual Meetings, Learning

While Matadors are hunkered down at home, new CSUN-specific Zoom video-conferencing backgrounds offer a taste of campus from afar. The spirited backgrounds are available for all students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Matador Bookstore Lawn

Matador Bookstore Complex.

Download Matador Bookstore Lawn

University Student Union

University Student Union sign with patio umbrella.

Download University Student Union

CSUN Vincennes Sign

CSUN Vincennes Sign.

Download CSUN Vincennes Sign

Orange Grove

Orange Grove

Download Orange Grove

Ralph Prator Fountain

Ralph Prator Fountain

Download Ralph Prator Fountain

CSUNset Over Palm Trees

CSUN Sunset Over Palm Trees.

Download CSUNset Over Palm Trees

Bookstein Hall at Night

Bookstein Hall at Night

Download Bookstein Hall at Night

CSUN Matador

CSUN Matador

Download CSUN Matador

Northridge Mountains

Northridge Mountains

Download Northridge Mountains

Matador Under a Purple Sky

Matador statue Under a Purple Sky.

Download Matador Under a Purple Sky

Library Grand Staircase

Library Grand Staircase.

Download Library Grand Staircase

CSUN Sculpture

CSUN noodle sculpture with CSUN sign in front.

Download CSUN Sculpture