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Tea Haven


The Tea Haven project aims to promote stress management and support mental health while building community connections among students at Cal State Northridge, highlighting the art of healing and wellness through consumption of herbal teas and the practice of creative and engaging art workshops. This project supports interdisciplinary faculty and student employees, highlighting the innovative skills of students from various educational backgrounds including interior design, music therapy, research, food science, and nutrition. Workshops incorporate elements of music therapy, immersive art, tea education, sustainability, and tools for better mental health practices in the future, offered in the Wellness Garden. As college students, attending workshops allows for participation in mindful activities to promote a shift in mental health and reduce stress, replenish, recharge and increase productivity and hopefulness during times of distress. The Tea Haven project is made possible through the collaboration of the Marilyn Magaram Center and the Department of Child and Adolescent Development. Tea Haven workshops are currently only available for CSUN students. 


 Our Team


Adrienne Kinsella


Adrienne Kinsella, Assistant Professor 
Department of Art


Hessam Ghamari, PhD, LEED Green Associate, Associate Professor
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

headshot of Nancy Midorag


Nancy Miodrag, PhD, Associate Professor
Department of Child & Adolescent Development


Annetter Besnilian, EdD, MPH, RDN, CLE, FAND, Executive Director
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Hilary Yip Photo


Hilary Yip, MM, MT-BC
Department of Music Therapy Program


April Diederich, RDN, Associate Director
Marilyn Magaram Center


Kristin King, Associate Professor
Department of Family Consumer Sciences

Student Assistants

Mary Comerford
Student Leader

Alana Nagy
Student Leader

Samantha Willenbring
Student Leader

Linnea Emanuelson
Student Leader

Renz Ramirez
Student Leader

Kenneth Oz
Student Leader

Michael Palma
Student Leader