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Dietary Analysis

What is a Dietary Analysis?

A dietary analysis is a nutritional assessment that allows "technicians" to analyze the patterns, quantity, and nutritional quality of food consumed by an individual. By creating a "day" food log, a dietary analysis can be made to measure total energy consumption, nutrient intake, and nutrient diversity. Records of food intake will be analyzed using a nutrition software program that is capable of analyzing over 60 different nutrients. Check to see if your routine diet is consistent in recieving vital nutrients such as Iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12!

Steps in Creating a Dietary Analysis

1. Record Your Diet

After contacting our center, you will be given a 3-Day Food Intake Record Form to complete.

2. Dietary Analysis

Once we receive your intake log, our trained staff will begin the analysis. Using our software, we are able to create a complete dietary analysis and nutrient based off the diet you submitted. 

3. Completed Analysis & Info

Once the dietary analysis has been completed, our team will send you a PDF or excel sheet which contains a nutrient breakdown of your 3-day food log. We will also include different variants of information in the forms of graphs, charts, and spreadsheets.

 Tips for Recording your Diet:

  • Record everything you ate and drank throughout the days .
  • Pay close attention to serving sizes and portions when recording data in standard measurements.
  • Give as much description as possible.

To accurately analyse your diet, please be completely honest about your intake and portions.

Download full PDF here.