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MyPlate! The New Food Guide Musical Program

May 2, 2019

“MyPlate! The New Food Guide Musical Program” is a creative nutrition education initiative promoting healthy eating and physical fitness. The show has been praised by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative and White House USDA website. The creator Helen Butleroff-Leahy, a Registered Dietitian & Ex-Rockette/Broadway Dancer/Director/Choreographer will be flying from New York to L.A. with co-writer Mr. Roumel Reaux, who has performed/choreographed in six Broadway shows and appeared on tv’s “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Mr. Reaux will be performing  with 90 students in this original musical.


Upcoming productions: 

Thursday, May 2nd @ 1pm- Canoga Park Elementary School 

Canoga English FlyerPDF icon

Canoga Spanish FlyerPDF icon

Friday, May 3rd @ 1pm- Anatola Elementary School

Anataola English FlyerPDF icon

Anatola Spanish FlyerPDF icon


Watch the video below to see the MyPlate! The New Food Guide Musical Program helps children in the community and educates them on maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.