Marilyn Magaram Center

MMC Wellness Workshops

August 11, 2020

By: April Diederich, RDN, CSR

Transitioning in-person workshops to virtual platforms has opened new possibilities in connecting with individuals. With virtual Wellness Workshops, participants can meet with our MMC students and staff to discuss various topics on health, food, and gardening from their home. Through a collaboration with our MMC Wellness Clinic, we hosted the following virtual workshops:

“Healthy Snacking While Staying at Home”
“Measuring Your Body’s Calorie and Nutrition Needs the Right Way”
“Meals from the Pantry”

Topics were based on user feedback from our Instagram audience and partnering campus organizations, who requested information on fostering a healthy relationship with snacking, understanding unique nutrient needs, and cooking tips for preparing meals using shelf-stable ingredients. In collaboration with the Institute of Community Health and Wellbeing, the MMC was a guest host for Wellbeing Wednesday on the topic of “A Healthy Gut: Food and Our Microflora,” which reviewed the importance of probiotics and prebiotics, followed by a food demonstration on how to make fermented pickles at home. A special thank you to our students, Samy Elcott, Juliette Vaspra, Karim Damji, and Fernando Gonzalez, for their time in preparing these workshops and sharing their subject knowledge and expertise. Be sure to join our upcoming virtual cooking workshops being planned for this Fall!