Marilyn Magaram Center

The Magaram Center Earns 2nd Place in VARJAM Competition

April 13, 2017

Students from the Magaram Center participated in VARJAM with the student project designated "GSTAR".

VARJAM, a student competition for creating virtual and augmented reality, offered an opportunity for all CSUN students to let their imaginations soar as they worked in teams to develop either an Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) project. Projects were focused on education, student life, entertainment, health, productivity, or many more topics. Awards were given to both AR and VR projects (three each) based on the (a) innovative and creative way that the idea makes a difference to peoples' lives (b) effective use of the VAR technology, and (c) quality of the multimedia presentation and in-person demonstration. Teams submitted a two-minute multimedia presentation describing their VR or AR project, uploaded it to Portfolium (Links to an external site.), and demonstrated it in-person at the VARJAM Showcase event. Both the presentation and in-person demonstration were evaluated by a panel of judges. All majors were welcome.

The GSTAR team earned the second place award for AR category, and received invitations to attend a VAR event hosted by Bixel and LACI. This will be a chance to meet industry experts and find our more about the VAR industry. The second event will be hosted by LACI Friday, April 21st from 2 - 3 pm at La Kretz Innovation Campus. For further coverage of this event, visit the CSUN Today website. For more information about the GSTAR Project, visit the VARJAM Portfolium.