Marilyn Magaram Center

Have You Read Our Nutrition Experts Blogs?

May 26, 2022

During their dietetic internship, our students complete projects and activities that put their research skills, nutrition expertise, and creativity into practice. Each assignment prepares the interns to be competent professionals in their field and effective communicators that can share their knowledge with a wide audience. One of the most enjoyable tasks is writing a nutrition blog, which is then published to the Marilyn Magaram Center’s Nutrition Experts website. Students get to choose the topics for the blog based on their interests, nutrition trends, and hot topics that are currently up to debate. All information presented in the blogs is evidence-based and reviewed by Registered Dietitians, so they’re a great place for readers to learn more about trending nutrition issues and ways to improve health. Some blogs even connect the reader to helpful resources and delicious recipes. During the Spring semester, we published a total of 19 new blogs with topics ranging from gut health to heart disease prevention to best dietary advice for thyroiditis. If you’ve ever wondered what mushroom coffee is, what to eat before a marathon, or how you can involve children in the cooking process, we actually have blogs for that! Even if the information from a particular blog is not applicable to you, you might have a friend or family member that can benefit from the recommendations shared in our blogs. 

If you missed the publications of our weekly blogs, visit to get acquainted with this fun intern assignment. The more we learn about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, the more likely we are to thrive. Obtaining information from unreliable sources can actually create more doubt and be harmful. Instead, make sure that your information comes from actual nutrition experts. Our Nutrition Experts Blogs will return in the fall so keep an eye out for those if you want to learn more.