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Welcome to the MMC Research Lab! 

Our Mission

To enhance and promote good health and well-being through research, education and services in food science, nutrition and dietetics

Working within the Community

Working with local schools and communities to incorporate various nutrition & lifestyle intervention

Collaborating with various community partners

Projects and research funded by federal, state, and private grants & donations


See our current research projects below.

Food Science


Microbial Testing

Studies overall plate count of microbes from different food products developed by students (i.e. Matador Marmalade, Spicy Matador).

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Gardening and Nutrient Analysis

Aims to provide an affordable nutritional analysis service for locally grown agriculture and food companies by examining different levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and heavy metals.

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Product Development

CSUN Food Science interns research food products to formulate sustainable, healthier alternatives, such as Spicy Matador’s low sodium blend and FitJam’s low to no sugar jams.

Matador Marmalade:

Spicy Matadors:


Athletics Partnership 


Body Composition Analysis

Comparing the results of the BodPod, Tanita, and Omron body density measurements to determine body composition in CSUN athletes.

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Sports Nutrition Counseling

A sports nutrition survey was developed to assess the athletes’ knowledge on proper nutrition and fueling in order to examine the effects of the individual sports nutrition sessions.


Community Based Interventions


MyPlate The Musical

“MyPlate! The New Food Guide Musical” is a school-based childhood obesity intervention that incorporates educational theatre using Broadway directors & actors to help elementary school students learn about nutrition and healthy behaviors. To learn more, visit

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Eating Disorders Educational Theatre

Collaboration between the MMC and CSUN Theatre Department to enhance and promote health and well being. Graduate nutrition students developed a research study evaluating the effects of educational theatre on eating disorder knowledge.


Let’s Grow Healthy

Childhood obesity intervention/prevention program enhancing students’ knowledge and skills in gardening and healthy dietary habits. Students help prepare the garden, plant, maintain, and harvest.

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A Taste of Good Health

Participating in “A Taste of Good Health” program will affect healthful behavior in parent participants by assessing their nutrition, physical activity, and cooking behavior at the conclusion of the intervention.


Let’s Move, Cook, and Grow in Schools

An umbrella program to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of physical activity, nutrition, cooking, and gardening classes in local elementary schools.


Let’s Eat Healthy

Data is collected from adults to assess changes in cooking, physical activity, and healthy eating. Data collected seeks to establish wellness councils in schools.


CalFresh Living Healthy Living

Research to assess changes upon participation in the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health nutrition-gardening curriculum. Data is collected in family focus groups. To learn more, visit


Sodium Reduction Initiative

Environmental scan of the university on high-sodium products sold and behaviors related to sodium consumption. The goal is to increase awareness and educate CSU students on the importance of reducing sodium intake and encourage a plant based diet. To learn more, visit /marilyn-magaram-center/csun-sodium-reduction-initiative


Women, Infants & Children (WIC) on Campus

Participating in outreach efforts and collect data to assess the students’ awareness of WIC on Campus and usage. To learn more, visit


Nutrogenomics: Diabetes Intervention for Latinos

Incorporates genomic information into a behavioral intervention for Latinos, who are disproportionately affected by chronic diseases and have twice the prevalence of type 2 diabetes.


Wellness Workshops

Assess, plan, implement and evaluate curriculum for weight management, cancer, and diabetes classes.


Nutrition Experts

The CSUN Nutrition Experts provide evidence-based nutrition information, nutrition-related services, and online resources to help ensure the academic success and overall wellbeing of CSUN students. Here, you will find information on such topics as healthy eating on a budget, healthy eating on and off campus, sports nutrition, meal planning, portion control, nutrition for families, child-friendly meals, quick and easy snacks, and much more. To learn more, visit

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MMC Faculty and Student Research Grant

The purpose is to assist qualified faculty and graduate students to develop a research focus that will optimize the use of the MMC research facilities. This program will assist Nutrition, Dietetic and Food Science faculty in the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) by providing a grant-in-aid for the performance of and dissemination of research and/or to obtain pilot data to pursue extramural funding. The following research projects are funded through the MMC Faculty and Student Research Grant: 

  • Latino Food Decisions
  • Nutrigenomics Risk Among Latinos With Pre-Diabetes
  • School-Based Model of Child and Adolescent Health