Marilyn Magaram Center

MMC Photo Gallery

The following are some images of many events the MMC hosts and participates in. Student involvement in these activities and events make a difference in professional development, creating well-rounded nutrition professionals that join the workforce as leaders and influential members of their communities.

Donor Appreciation Event

CSUN Night at Dodger Stadium

MMC Staff Retreat at the Aquatic Center

Fresh Produce for Low Income Valley Residents

MMC Talks Design Guidelines Workshop

Plant Based RD

Eating Right Rocks

Garden Workshop

FCS Banquet



Bull Ring Matador Sol Sauce

Pi Day

My plate musical- Hart Elementary

HR Workshop

CSUN Dining Food Demo

USDA Conference

Wellness Garden Workshop

SCIFTS Meeting

LAD Annual Conference


National Nutrition Month

MMC Flyers in Resident Hall

HR Workshop

Making pies

Gangsta' Gardener

MMC Talks February 2019

MMC Wellness Garden Workshop: Superfoods

HOA Block Party

Intern Training

HR Workshop

Wellness Workshop

HHD Block Party

Women's Soccer Cooking Workshop

Block Party- August 26, 2018

New Student Orientation- August 24, 2018

New Faculty Orientation- August 24, 2018

Healthy Grower Training- August 20-23, 2018

Research Presentation

Visit from the Magarams and Chens

Making Honey

2018 SAEP Culinary Camp

4-24-18 ColorMyPlate Workshop


4-16-18 Spring Into Health, Topanga Community Police Station

Spring into Health, Topanga Community Police Station, is a community education program through Let's Move, Cook, and Grow Healthy and the Marilyn Magaram Center co-led by Fernando Alva and Sophia Rosales. Through this program, we teach under-served populations how they can make changes to lead healthier lives for themselves and their families


4-3-18 Bullring Semi Finals


3-13-18 Pi Day Event


3-8-18 Natural Products Expo


2-5-18 Commit To Be Fit


Nissin Cup Noodles Taste Testing

Nissin 1Nissin 2Nissin 3Nissin 4Nissin 5Nissin 6

Middle School BUILD PODER Tour

 build poder tour 1build poder tour 2build poder tour 3build poder tour 4build poder tour 5build poder tour 6

Lab School Parent Seminar

Lab school parent seminar 2.1Lab school parent seminar 3Lab school parent seminar 4Lab school parent seminar 1Lab school parent seminar 5Lab school parent seminar 6

3rd Annual Valley Community Care Consortium Diabetes Expo

3rd vccc diabetes expo 2017 33rd vccc diabetes expo 2017 23rd vccc diabetes expo 2017 1

Friends of the Family

friends of the family 3friends of the family 5friends of the family 2

Shopping Tips and Tricks

shopping tips and tricks 1shopping tips and tricksshopping tips and tricks 1

Let's Grow Your Own Salad!

let's grow your own salad bowllet's grow your own salad bowl 1let's grow your own salad bowl 2let's grow your own salad bowl 4

Herb Garden in an Eggshell

herb garden in an eggshellherb garden in an eggshellherb garden in an eggshellherb garden in an eggshell

SAEP Cooking Camp

SAEP 2017 4summer 17 cooking camp 3summer 17 cooking camp 2summer 17 cooking camp 1SAEP 2017 5summer 17 cooking camp 10summer 17 cooking camp 15summer 17 cooking camp 17summer 17 cooking camp 20summer 17 cooking camp 22summer 17 cooking camp 23summer 17 cooking camp 24

Dietetic Interns

di graduates group pictures 2017di graduates 2.1di graduates 5.1 .jpgdi graduates 3.1di graduates 2017 4 .jpg

DI's at WIC Inservice

mmc summer 1mmc summer 2mmc summer 3

DI Bootcamp

mmc summer 4mmc summer 5

mmc summer 6mmc summer 8mmc summer 9

UCLA Appreciation Day

mmc summer 10mmc summer 11

Matador Day of Service

matador day of service 1matador day of service 2matador day of service 3

MMC Northridge Hospital Collaboration Grocery Store Tours

MMC Northridge hospital collaboration grocery store toursMMC Northridge hospital collaboration grocery store tours 2MMC Northridge hospital collaboration grocery store tours 3MMC Northridge hospital collaboration grocery store tours 4

MMC Wellness Garden Potato Planting

mmc wellness garden 1mmc wellness garden planting 2

MMC Student Leaders and CSUN DI Interns helping KON pack thanksgiving meals for families in need

kon di thanksgiving 1kon di thanksgiving 2kon di thanksgiving 3kon di thanksgiving 4

Building gardens at LAPD Canoga Park

lapd garden buildlapd garden build 2lapd garden build 3lapd garden build 4lapd garden build 5lapd garden build 6

Dr. Tom Chen, Recipient of Dean Ed Peckham Award

dean ed peckham 1dean ed peckham 2dean ed peckham 3