Marilyn Magaram Center

Mission & Vision Statement

Our Vision

To be the recognized Center of Excellence in Food Sciences, Nutrition, and Dietetics serving the global community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Marilyn Magaram Center (MMC) is to enhance and promote health and well-being through research, education and services in food science, nutrition and dietetics.

The goals of the MMC  are to:

  1. Promote the professional growth and development of faculty, students and professionals in food science, nutrition and dietetics.
  2. Educate diverse communities in the relationship of food science, nutrition and dietetic practices to human health and well-being.
  3. Sponsor, conduct and assess scholarly projects in the fields of nutrition and food science.
  4. Establish and strengthen interdisciplinary alliances with other disciplines within CSUN, professional organizations and community agencies that hold compatible goals.
  5. Ensure the long-term viability and visibility of the Marilyn Magaram Center

The operation and purposes of the  Marilyn Magaram Center are in keeping with the mission of California State University, Northridge and do not deviate in any way from this commitment.

The Marilyn Magaram Center shares the same responsibilities, briefly:

To promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students and enable them to realize their educational and professional goals.

Further, the  Marilyn Magaram Center serves the needs of diverse communities and encourages the public to draw on the special talent of its faculty and students by providing a wide variety of instruction related programs and services designed to provide students with opportunities for diverse human and cultural experiences, development of skills and creativity.