Marilyn Magaram Center

Free Food at CSUN

To safeguard the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and faculty, the Marilyn Magaram Center has completely transitioned to virtual operations and our in-person services have been modified to online, virtual, and phone formats in compliance with CSUN’s COVID-19 measures. We will communicate updates through our site, MMC Weekly, and our social media platforms according to the latest available information. Please continue to find the latest campus updates from the CSUN COVID-19 website.

In response to COVID-19, many locations that provide free food have modified their operational hours/procedures. For updated details and announcements, please visit the designated webpage for each resource.

Stay healthy and safe!

This map was created by the Marilyn Magaram Center Nutrition Justice interns to help guide individuals on locations to receive free food on campus. Please see monthly calendar with a schedule of available dates and times at these locations. For more information, please visit the Marilyn Magaram Center or email us at


Navigating through the map:
Free Food locations are pinpointed GREEN with a fork and knife symbol. Resources are pinpointed RED with a star symbol.