Marilyn Magaram Center

Instagram Live: Healthful Eating with the Family

Friday, March 12, 2021 - 10:00am

Instagram Live: @magaramcenter

Instagram Live: Healthful Eating with the Family

 Join @magaramcenter on Instagram Live with Pamela Salzman and Nahal Danesh.

Pamela Salzman is a Los Angeles-based natural foods cooking instructor, holistic health counselor, and has written two cookbooks, "Kitchen Matters”, and "Quicker Than Quick”. She also teaches cooking classes online and in person.

Nahal Danesh is a Registered Dietitian who works for the Magaram Center’s Feeding Therapy Clinic. Nahal is knowledgeable in pediatric nutrition and family nutrition. She works with children to expand their food acceptances, and teaches beneficial eating habits early on.

Together they will discuss how to enhance family meals, and share new ideas for creating harmony during meal times. Join us!   

Follow and join the live event on Instagram @magaramcenter.