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Loren Naidoo

Loren Naidoo picture
Assistant Professor
(818) 677-2450
Office location:
BB 4209


Dr. Loren J. Naidoo received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron in 2005. Dr. Naidoo’s research interests center on the motivational processes involved in leadership, employee engagement and burnout, and employee recognition. Much of his research concerns the verbal and nonverbal behaviors that leaders use to influence their followers’ creativity, risk-aversion, motivation, and job performance. Dr. Naidoo’s research has been published in journals such as The Leadership Quarterly, The Journal of Business and Psychology, and The Journal of Applied Social Psychology. He has consulted for organizations in the USA and Canada in the areas of training and assessment, data analytics, performance management, survey development, and employee recognition. Prior to joining CSUN Dr. Naidoo was an Associate Professor of Psychology at Baruch College, CUNY, where he taught classes in management and psychology at the undergraduate, M.S., M.B.A. and Ph.D. levels domestically and in international programs in Taiwan and Singapore.



Ph.D. 2005, The University of Akron

M.A. 2002, The University of Akron

B.S. 1998, McGill University

Sample Publications

Naidoo, L. J. (2016). Leader opportunity versus threat verbal framing and nonverbal emotional expressions impact followers' creative performance. The Leadership Quarterly, 27, 869-882.[CSUN permalink]

 Naidoo, L. J., DeCriscio, A. A., Brandman, H. R., Manipella, A., Ryan, M., & Youdim, J. (2012). The 2 X 2 model of goal orientation and burnout: The role of approach/avoidance dimensions of goal orientation. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 42, 2541-2563. [CSUN permalink]

 Naidoo, L. J., Scherbaum, C. A., Goldstein, H. A., & Graen, G. B. (2011). A longitudinal examination of the effects of LMX, ability, and differentiation on team performance. Journal of Business and Psychology, 26, 347-357. [CSUN permalink]

 Naidoo, L. J., Kohari, N. E., Lord, R. G., & DuBois, D. (2010). “Seeing” is retrieving: Recovering emotional content in leadership ratings. The Leadership Quarterly, 21, 886-900. [CSUN permalink]

 Naidoo, L. J. & Lord, R. G. (2008). Speech imagery and perceptions of charisma: The mediating role of positive affect. The Leadership Quarterly, 19, 283-296. [CSUN permalink]