FAQ's - Updated 4/26/2023

I have not applied for graduation can I enroll in BUS 497A Capstone in summer 2023?

BUS 497A Capstone is for graduating seniors and should be taken in the last semester. No exceptions.  Verify that you have met all the prerequisites and apply for graduation:

Allow 1-3 business days for the graduation application to be processed and then verify your graduation date has changed to summer 2023. 

Summer 2023 graduates must have a 8/22/2023 graduation on the DPR to enroll in BUS 497A. If your graduation date is "Unknown" verify that you have met all the prerequisites and apply for graduation:  You may self-enroll in BUS 497A Capstone during the summer registration period.

Fall 2023 graduates with a 12/23/2023 graduation date can enroll in capstone during the fall 2023 registration period.

BUS 497B – Small Business Planning and Growth

A course that satisfies the capstone requirement through experiential learning as part of a student consulting team working with a local small business client. Student teams engage with the client throughout the course and conduct a comprehensive business assessment, analyze a current challenge, and deliver recommendations in the form of a client report and professional presentation. 

The project follows a structured consulting process that includes client meetings associated with each milestone (intake, analysis, and findings) leading up to the final report and client presentation. This is an opportunity for students to gain practical experience analyzing real client problems with the supervision and support of the Capstone instructor. 

Enrollment in the course requires department and instructor permission. Beyond meeting the course prerequisites, students will provide a professional resume and a writing sample to demonstrate readiness to serve in a consulting role.  

Students interested in taking this course for the Fall 2023 semester should use this process of enrollment: 

1) Students reach out to Management Department to express interest via email . The Management Department will then verify eligibility based upon the student having a 3.0 cumulative GPA and fall 2023 graduation date.  The department staff will  refer student to the faculty member.

2) Once eligibility is confirmed,  the faculty member will reach out to the student to set up a 20-minute Zoom interview to discuss the student's interest and assess fit for the course. 

 3) Once the student is determined to be a good fit for the course, the student will be given a permission number  to enroll in the course for the fall 2023 semester.

Internships Are Back !

Internships are back after having been paused due to COVID. Starting Spring 2023, including Spring 2023 graduates, all Management students must complete a 135-hour internship simultaneously with taking MGT 498C. An elective will no longer satisfy this requirement. Here is what you should do, especially if you are a junior or senior:

  1. Create an account in Handshake and read about the Internship requirements
  2. Sign up for and attend an Internship Orientation offered by the Career Education and Professional Development Center (CEPD). Weekly workshops are held on Tuesdays at 3 PM and Thursdays at 10 AM in Room 4117.
  3. Start looking for an internship. The sooner, the better!
  4. Enroll in the Internship class, MGT 498C.

If you have questions about internships, or would like a permission number to MGT 498C  please consult, email or call (818) 677-4697.

ENT 101: Exploring Entrepreneurship offered in fall 2023

This brand-new class, taught by Professor Scillitoe, will give you an entrepreneurship experience that brings to life the entrepreneurial process. You will learn about and engage in creativity and idea generation, elevator pitches, proof of concepts, marketing, and more. You will be positioned to engage in various entrepreneurship experiences at CSUN and beyond. Open to all students from any major. Also meets the GE Requirement for Lifelong Learning.

BUS 491CS: Small Business Consulting for Management offered in fall 2023.

In this hands-on class, taught by Professor Daniel Degravel, you will work on a consulting project with real clients to help them solve an issue related to strategy, management, or organizational improvement. Teams of students will present a final report to the client at the end of the semester. Open to students with GPA of 3.0 or above. This class also satisfies the internship requirement. Email to apply.

I would like to change my major to Management. What do I need to do?

If you have taken less than 90 units follow the steps listed on this link:

If you have taken more than 90 units fill out the attached form using the link below:

Please follow the instructions on the form.

I would like to add a minor in Management. What do I need to do?

If you have taken less than 90 units follow the steps listed on this link:

 If you have taken more than 90 units fill out the attached form using the link below:

Please follow the instructions on the form.  

Management majors & MGT 360

Management majors:  If you have not taken MGT 360, Management and Organizational Behavior, please be aware that you must achieve a grade of ‘C’ or higher to proceed to other MGT courses. So, if you get a grade of ‘C-‘ or lower, you will have to repeat MGT 360 before you can take any other MGT courses, likely delaying your graduation by a semester. No exceptions.

I am a Management major/minor. How can I meet with an academic advisor?

Contact the Student Services Center/ EOP office at (818) 677-3537 to schedule an appointment.  Appointments available Monday 8am-5pm, Tuesday 8am-7pm, Wednesday 8am-7pm, Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 8am-4pm.

Entrepreneurship minors: BUS 310 is now ENT 310 Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship minors interested in enrolling in BUS 310?   Please note BUS 310 Foundations of Entrepreneurship is now ENT 310.   If you are interested in enrolling into this course call the Management office at (818) 677- 2457 or email

What is a DPR and how do I request one?

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is an audit that provides a full picture of your progress toward degree completion. It tracks your graduation progress, displaying completed courses and remaining requirements.

When can I apply for graduation?

You may apply for graduation once you have declared a major and have 90 units (including work-in-progress) or approximately one year prior to your planned graduation date. At least one semester of work must be completed in residence at CSUN before admissions and records can complete your graduation evaluation.

I have a Human Resource Management minor and PSY 356 isn't offered.What can I take to substitute PSY 356 ?

The following classes are approved to substitute PSY 356 for fall 2023:

Psychology 304, 310, 345, 351, 352, 367, 369, 370, 380

*Please note that once you have completed the replacement course, you must submit a "course substitution form" to Dr. Zell ( via email.