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Management Department: One Vision / Three Passions

Our Passions: People, Principles, Perspective

The Management Department at CSUN creates and disseminates knowledge to empower and inspire our students to produce change that leads to success in their personal and professional lives.

We believe that our passions will lead to increased performance for both our students and their organizations!


Our students will understand the psychology, sociology, and economics of individuals and groups in organizations. We provide our students with the skills needed to develop human and social capital in organizations as the most important element of superior performance. 

We provide our graduates with the interpersonal and organizational skills to develop themselves and others to lead productive and meaningful lives.  We aim to provide our graduates with clear pathways into careers.  Our faculty are respected scholars and teachers with strong connections to organizations.


Our students learn that their most valuable asset is their good name and that making a positive contribution to the lives of others is the greatest accomplishment they can achieve in their own lives. We provide our students with the skills to needed to behave ethically and with integrity as the key ingredients of socially responsible behaviors.


Our students will learn to be knowledgeable consumers of information and to analyze situations from different vantage points, taking into account key stakeholder groups. We will provide our students with tools and skills to develop and maintain relationships that create opportunities for their careers and their organizations.  We are committed to providing leadership to our college, our campus, and our community, and we thrive when merging theory and practice.