Ari Malka

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Ari Malka is a Director of Organizational Effectiveness at JNA Solar. He received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Houston. While attending graduate school, he was very involved in both academia and practice. In addition to teaching several undergraduate courses, he also worked on research projects, many of which were accepted to conferences. On the practitioner side, Ari gained invaluable experience at both ExxonMobil and NASA. Through conducting job and training needs analyses as well as applied teams research, he has unique insight into human capital practices in the private and public sectors. After graduate school, Ari worked for PDRI as a human capital consultant, where he continued to learn and apply I/O research and practice to the workplace. Currently, he continues to toe the line between academia and practice by serving as adjunct faculty at California State University-Northridge, pursuing publications in diversity and performance management, and working as a science-practitioner at a start-up firm.