Issue 65 CoverIssue 65: Lifting The Community
With 40,000 students and more than 200,000 alumni, CSUN’s impact on the entire region is undeniable. Our students leave campus ready to contribute to the local economy, with the vast majority building successful careers throughout Southern California. Read More on Issue 65

Issue 66 CoverIssue 66: Celebrity Issue
Hollywood. The name alone conjures visions of bright lights and even brighter stars. Southern California’s entertainment industry exports films and television shows to worldwide audiences hungry to experience unparalleled, creative storytelling. Read More on Issue 66

Issue 67 CoverIssue 67: CSUN On The Leading Edge
This past summer, the journal Nature lauded CSUN as a rising star in scientific research, naming our university as one of North America’s top 25 institutions for science. According to a listing of top tier peer-reviewed journals selected by Nature. CSUN held the highest percent increase in publication rate at more than 190 percent, followed by NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University. Read More on Issue 67

Issue 68 CoverIssue 68: K-12 Issue
Heads of state. High-profile journalists. Fortune 500 CEOs. World Series and Super Bowl champions. The short list of VIPs who are invited to the White House does not regularly include teachers. Every year though, one teacher is selected as the National Teacher of the Year — an exemplar of the power of education. Read More on Issue 68

Issue 69 CoverIssue 69: Music Issue
Whether you enjoy listening to tunes in your car, through your earbuds while on the go or emanating from the world’s greatest concert and performing arts venues, there is a good chance that a Matador played a role in creating the music. CSUN alumni produce, write, sing, play, compose and conduct the soundtrack of our lives. Read More on Issue 69

Issue 70 CoverIssue 70: Innovation Issue
CSUN alumni play key roles in some of our nation’s most cutting-edge companies, and now students are learning from these tech pioneers. What will the future look like in our homes, our businesses, our schools and the ways we communicate and live our lives? Read More on Issue 70

Issue 71 CoverIssue 71: 60th Anniversary Issue
Since 1958, San Fernando Valley State College, now California State University, Northridge, has provided access to life-changing educational opportunities. Earlier this fall, CSUN hosted a Grand Reunion that found thousands of Matadors from the past six decades returning to their alma mater to reconnect and relive happy memories of their time in Northridge. Read More on Issue 71