In Memoriam - Alumni

GLORIA REID ’63 (Elementary Education), M.S. ’70 (Speech), a valued member of the CSUN family for decades, passed away Feb. 21, at age 82. Reid was an alumna, a Matador parent and a longtime faculty member in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences. She participated in an early retirement program in 1991, and she fully retired in 1998 after teaching part time.

Reid was born Aug. 14, 1934 in New York City and grew up in Mount Penn, Pa. At what was then San Fernando Valley State College (now CSUN), Reid wrote for the student newspaper and completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

She was also a practicing speech pathologist. She is survived by her husband, Philip Reid, former chair of the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at CSUN, and their children, Laura and Jeffrey ’82 (Communicative Disorders), M.A. ’83 (Communicative Disorders).


NATALIE CHALKlEY MIRKOVICH ’91 (Music), M.S. ’97 (Communicative Disorders) passed away Nov. 6, 2016. She came to CSUN more than 40 years after she left Lone Mountain College in San Francisco to get married and start a family.

Mirkovich married her husband, Joseph, and they raised 12 children together. After Joseph passed away, she returned to higher education and decided to enroll at CSUN to study speech-language pathology.

After graduating from CSUN with her master’s at age 69, she practiced speech therapy with infants, teenagers, children and adults. She wrapped up a 17-year career with work at two adult day healthcare centers in the San Fernando Valley, Brookdale and ONEGeneration.

Mirkovich enjoyed the arts, music, theater and opera. She loved to dance, paint and sing. She is survived by 11 of her 12 children, their spouses, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.