Matador Milestones

Taleen-HasholianTaleen S. Hasholian ’02 (English), M.A. ’10 (English Literature) and William Newberry ’02 (English, both pictured above) tied the knot on June 3.






Stanford L. Shaw ’03 (Finance) married Jenny Scharfeld on July 8 at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Shaw manages the Aircraft Financial Group, a family-owned company that finances and leases airplanes. The newlyweds first met when she was 10 and he was 12, at a cotillion dance in Santa Barbara, and both attended SB High School. However, it took until 2015 and the urging of an old high school friend for the pair to reconnect. The couple lives in Montecito.

Kim Flum ’04 (Marketing), MBA ’11 (Business Administration) and her husband, Dennis Kralik, welcomed a baby girl, Heidi Sophia Kralik. Heidi appeared in a commercial and TV promo before her second birthday.


Chris-ArdoinChris Ardoin ’10 (Marketing) was on the CSUN swim team during his undergraduate career. In October 2016, he married Paige Williams (both pictured above). Ardoin is now a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual in Santa Monica.






Anoush Aroyan ’10 (English) and Tigran Arjoyan ’12 (Sociology) met at CSUN in 2008. After sharing countless lattes at the Freudian Sip at the Sierra Center, their friendship became more than just that. On Nov. 12, 2016, the couple tied the knot, and they still reminisce about their days under those yellow umbrellas!


Richard-ChambersRichard Chambers ’10 (Cinema and Television Arts), M.A ’16 (Mass Communications) and Judy Lam ’14 (M.S., College Counseling Student Services, both pictured above) celebrated their marriage in July in the woods of Lake Arrowhead. On their honeymoon, they took a cruise around the Baltic Sea, stopping in seven countries. The couple owes the start of their relationship to the CSUN Career Center and the College Counseling Student Services Program. Richard is a lecturer in the Department of Cinema and Television Arts, and Judy continues to be involved as an alumna of her graduate program.




Michael Blanco ’11 (M.A., Chicana/o Studies) has had an eventful seven years: In 2009, he married Erica Bustos. In 2012, he and his wife bought a home. In 2016, he received his Ed.D. from UC San Francisco and was selected as the student commencement speaker from the School of Education. In May of that same year, he and his wife welcomed their first child, Ava Grace.



Jennifer A. Sanchez ’12 (English), M.A. ’15 (English Literature) and Jordan Guevara ’13 (English), M.A. ’16 (Creative Writing) met and started dating as students in graduate course English 630 Social Gospel, in fall 2014. They recently got engaged and are planning a wedding in 2018.


Denisse-MartinieDenisse (Tristancho) Martinié ’11 (Psychology), M.A. ’14 (Behavioral Clinical Psychology) met Chris Martinié ’12 (Graphic Design, both pictured above) at church, shortly before his graduation from CSUN. The pair began dating on New Year’s Eve 2014, got engaged on Christmas Day 2015 and married on June 25, 2016. The newlyweds settled in New York City, where Chris is a senior designer for a company in Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighborhood. Denisse works as a behavior analyst for an agency in New Jersey. “We are forever grateful to God for allowing us to meet, and the education we received at CSUN that has ... helped us be successful in our careers and get us this far,” Denisse said.





Bahareh-MehrkhodavandiBahareh Mehrkhodavandi ’11 (Marketing, pictured above, right) recently celebrated her engagement to Arsham Dianat.







Randi-Lee Helm ’12 (Deaf Studies / Community Service) married Tim Helm in Jan. 2011. In November of that same year, they welcomed their first daughter, Jaycee-Lee. In October 2014, the couple had their second daughter, Danica Rose.