CSUN President's Associates

President’s Associates are comprised of dedicated alumni, parents and friends who share a collective commitment to CSUN by investing in the university’s mission of teaching, scholarship and active learning. Their generous annual support enables transformative growth for faculty and students, and helps sustain the mission of CSUN for future generations of Matadors. Cumulative gifts of $1,000 or more during a year to any CSUN college or program qualify a donor as a President’s Associate.

Become a President's Associate


Ms. Laurene M. Abato-Earwood ’92 and Mr. Jeff Earwood

Mr. Jeffrey M. Abell and Mrs. Linda Abell

Mr. Alan I. Abramson ’66

Dr. Jeanne P. Adams ’65, M.A. ’74

Mr. Wayne G. Adelstein ’70, M.A. ’71

Ms. Marianne H. Afifi and Dr. Abdelmonem Afifi

Mr. George Agazarian and Ms. Barbara K. Agazarian

Ms. Tanya Aghishian

Dr. Hassan Aghnami and Mrs. Sedi Aghnami

Dr. Alyce S. Akers and Dr. Floyd P. Nichelson

Mr. Mohammed M. Alshabanat ’15

Dr. Sylvia Alva and Mr. Salvador Alva

Mrs. Honey K. Amado

Dr. Andrew J. Anagnost ’87

Ms. Brenda F. Anderson ’66

Ms. Linda S. Anderson

Ms. Paula G. Anderson ’02 and Mr. Douglas M. Anderson

Mr. Carlos Andrade-Magana ’09

Mr. John A. Andross ’82

Mr. Craig F. Ankeney

Mr. Christopher R. Ardoin ’10 and Ms. Paige Ardoin

Mr. Alfonso V. Arias ’65 and Mrs. Laura Arias

Mr. Grant D. Ashley ’78 and Ms. Linda L. Ashley

Mr. David L. Auchterlonie ’68 and Ms. Barbara L. Keller

Mr. Paul A. Ause ’82 and Mrs. Jill A. Ause ’83

Ms. Alejandra Ayala

Thomas Earl Backer, Ph.D.

Mr. Jeffrey W. Baker and Mr. Rodney S. Davis

Mr. Spencer A. Bakst ’13

Dr. Marlene F. Bane

Mr. Vincent P. Barabba ’62, Hon.D. ’12 and Ms. Sheryl Barabba

Ms. Hasmig Baran ’97 and Mr. Arsene Baran

Ms. Josephine A. Barbera ’61, M.A. ’70 and

Mr. Robert J. Barbera

Judge Peter A. Barbosa ’68

Dr. Robert L. Barker and Dr. Corinne W. Barker

Mr. Carlos R. Barrios ’02 and Ms. Alisha R. Barrios ’07

Ms. Sara L. Bauer and Mr. Frank R. Bauer

Mr. Larry Baum and Ms. Elaine Baum

Mr. Tracy S. Baum ’82

Ms. Eleanor M. Baxter and Mr. Claude Baxter

Mr. John H. Becker ’86

Mrs. Leslie D. Beers and Mr. Thomas Beers

Mr. Hatef Behnia and Ms. Elenice Pinto Behnia

Mr. Timothy W. Belfield ’05 and Mrs. Tammy L. Belfield

Dr. Rosa Maria Belli

Dr. Jose Luis Benavides

Mr. Don C. Bender ’68

Mr. Daniel K. Benson ’82 and Ms. Carol S. Benson ’80

Mr. Stan Benson ’07, M.A. ’09 and Ms. Joann M. Benson

Ms. Caitlin L. Benyi

Mr. Vadim Berengut and Ms. Victoria Berengut

Mr. Paul J. Beress ’69

Mr. Bill Berg

Ms. Deborah J. Berg and Mr. Thomas E. Berg

Mr. Neal M. Berg ’80 and Ms. Rosalyn Berg

Ms. Pamela K. Berg and Mr. Kevin R. Berg

Mr. Richard A. Bergman ’77 and Ms. Barbara D. Bergman ’76

Mr. James G. Berk ’81, Hon.D. ’11 and Mrs. Jane T. Berk

Ms. Elaine Berke

Mr. Steven M. Berkson and Ms. Sherri R. Berkson

Mr. Charles Berney

Ms. Tina B. Bertacchi-Love ’89, M.A. ’03

Dr. Annette A. Besnilian ’13 and Mr. George G. Besnilian

Captain William D. Bethea ’69 and Mrs. Gayle L. Bethea

Ms. Georgia L. Bianchi-Heald

Ms. Mary S. Bickett ’93

Mr. John C. Blair ’66

Ms. Marsha L. Blair West and Mr. William West

Dr. Julio R. Blanco ’74, M.S. ’78

Mr. Noah A. Bleich and Ms. Sharon Fargo

Mr. Philip Bleich

Mr. Thomas C. Bloch ’68 and Ms. Ronnie L. Bloch

Mr. Larry S. Bloomer ’64 and Mrs. Diane L. Bloomer

Ms. Elaine M. Blyler and Mr. Kent R. Blyler

Mr. Scott T. Bolan ’06 and Dr. Kendra Bolan

Mr. Harvey A. Bookstein ’69 and Ms. Harriet R. Bookstein

Mr. Robert E. Borgstrom ’69, M.A. ’70

Mrs. Lili Bosse and Mr. Jon D. Bosse

Mr. Eric C. Bossuk ’80 and Ms. Beth Bossuk

Mr. Stefan R. Bothe ’71 and Ms. Jennifer V. Cheng

Ms. Irene L. Boyd and Dr. Stuart D. Boyd

Ms. Karen I. Boyd ’90

Ms. Joan A. Boyett

Ms. Karen Bradley ’64 and Mr. John W. Bradley

Mr. Kevin G. Breard ’82 and

Ms. Gabrielle A. Castaneda-Breard ’85

Ms. Annette J. Brende ’93

Ms. Helen S. Brendel ’60 and Mr. Rainer Brendel

Mr. Michael P. Bridge and Ms. Elaine Bridge

Ms. Heather J. Briggs ’98

Ms. Susan L. Brilliant ’85 and Mr. Michael Chang

Dr. Samuel D. Britten and Ms. Emarie Britten

Mr. Bradford K. Brown ’90 and Ms. Carrie Oto

Ms. Susan P. Brown and Mr. Robert F. Brown

Mr. Thomas P. Brown ’98 and Mrs. Vicki Brown

Dr. Don R. Brownlee and Ms. Suzan L. Brownlee

Mr. George J. Buchler ’72 and Ms. Flora Buchler

Mr. Gregory P. Buesing and Ms. Jean O. Buesing

Mr. Carl R. Buratti and Ms. Kathy Buratti ’05

Mr. Philip S. Burchill ’72 and Mrs. Gillian Burchill

Mr. Edward K. Burke ’59, M.A. ’69 and Ms. Carol Burke

Mr. James P. Burra ’67 and Ms. Kathryn A. Burra ’64

Dr. Yi Cai

Mr. Joe Calabrese and Mrs. Margot Calabrese

Dr. Raymond R. Calnan ’03 and Ms. Adina Calnan ’04

Dr. Donald J. Cameron and Ms. Catherine M. Cameron

Dr. Bonita J. Campbell

Mr. Mark Campbell

Dr. Warren M. Campbell and Ms. Mary U. Campbell

Mr. Alan Campos ’16

Mr. Carl S. Carande ’87 and Ms. Irene M. Carande ’84

Ms. Nancy Cartwright

Mr. Richard T. Castallo and Ms. Sharon A. Castallo

Ms. Karen Chan and Mr. Kwan M. Chan

Dr. Kenyon S. Chan and Dr. Shirley Hune

Ms. Carmen R. Chandler and Mr. Malcolm Venolia

Dr. Gary A. Chapman and Ms. Joy A. Chapman ’82, M.A. ’87

Mr. Edward A. Chavannes ’87 and Ms. Julie Chavannes

Mr. Gabriel Chavez ’14

Mr. Simon Chavez ’02 and Ms. Diana S. Chavez ’01

Mr. Earl J. Cheek ’75

Ms. Simarjit K. Chehal ’14

Dr. Tungshan Chen and Ms. Yolanda C. Chen ’75

Mr. Daniel M. Chernow ’67, M.A. ’89, M.A. ’03 and

Ms. Cindy L. Chernow ’78, M.A. ’91

Mr. Edwin Choi

Mr. Randolph T. Chow ’81

Ms. Allison Clago

Dr. Audrey Clark ’71

Ms. Christine Clark

Dr. Irene L. Clark and Dr. William A.V. Clark

Mr. Jason D. Clark ’71 and Mrs. Julia D. Clark

Mr. Barry B. Cleveland and Ms. Anne O. Cleveland

Ms. Myra Cohen

Dr. Lorence G. Collins

Mr. Wayne S. Colmer ’69 and Ms. Roberta L. Colmer ’71

Mr. R. Brian Compton

Mr. Mark H. Cooley ’68, M.A. ’71 and Mrs. Diana D. Cooley ’69

Mr. Marshall Cordell

Ms. Nita G. Corinblit ’71

Dr. Cathy L. Costin and Mr. Mitchell C. Reback

Ms. Della R. Coulter

Dr. Deborah A. Cours and Mr. Shawn H. Skeries

Mr. Ralph A. Courtney and Ms. Judyth J. Courtney

Captain James W. Cowell and Mrs. Judith K. Cowell

Mr. Terry D. Craven ’70, M.A. ’72

Mr. Johnny Cruz ’02

Dr. Leslie S. Cutler and Mrs. Terry Cutler

Ms. Amy P. Dacey

Ms. Elizabeth A. Davidson

Mr. Anthony W. Davila ’66 and Ms. Debra D. Davila ’82, MBA ’90

Mr. Paul L. Davis

Mr. James P. De Bree ’75 and Ms. Teresa Y. De Bree

Mr. Jerry De Felice ’99, M.A. ’02

Dr. Enrique B. de la Cruz and Ms. Prosy de la Cruz

Dr. Aurelio De la Vega and

Ms. Anne M. Ketchum ’75, M.A. ’77

Mr. Gary L. Delaney ’79

Mr. Neal L. Dem ’75

Mr. Donald Desanctis

Ms. Deanna W. Detchemendy ’87 and

Mr. Eugene W. Detchemendy ’84

Mr. Joel Deutsch and Ms. Carenia Deutsch

Ms. Eugenia C. Dewitt ’59 and Mr. Dale Dewitt

Mr. Dennis J. DeYoung ’87 and Mrs. Carrie S. DeYoung ’86

Ms. Jennifer Diener and Mr. Royce Diener

Mr. John D. Diestel ’91

Mr. James D. Dilley ’96, M.S. ’99

Ms. Angela DiMascio

Mr. Colin J. Donahue, M.P.A. ’09 and Ms. Christine Donahue

Ms. Barbara F. Dreyfus ’73

Mr. Dennis Ducham

Mr. Brian Duffy and Ms. Kathryn Bucher

Ms. Mary G. Duran and Mr. Scott Lyons

Ms. Khadeja S. H. Ebrahem ’15

Ms. Jacqualine T. Eckberg ’88 and Dr. Theodore J. Eckberg

Ms. Sylvia Edelstein

Mr. Thomas A. Edwards ’84

Mr. Stephen L. Egbert ’90 and

Dr. Lisalee D. Egbert ’92, M.A. ’95

Mr. Michael Ego and Mrs. Kathleen E. Ego

Dr. Veronica D. Elias and Dr. James E. Elias

Mr. Christopher M. Ellis ’69 and Mrs. Patricia A. Ellis

Mr. Richard E. Ellison and Ms. Laurie Ellison

Mr. John T. Elms ’73 and Ms. Janet L. Cullum-Elms ’71

Mr. Jeffrey S. Elowe

Mr. Richard Enberg and Ms. Barbara Enberg

Mr. Paul Engel

Mr. Earl S. Enzer ’83 and Ms. Karen D. Enzer ’82

Mr. George A. Erb ’86 and Ms. Philomena Erb

Ms. Susan G. Ettinger ’80, M.S. ’84

Mr. Rick D. Evans and Ms. Rebecca Evans

Ms. Dorothy E. Fabricant

Mr. Richard A. Fager ’62 and Ms. Jilanne P. Fager ’63, M.A. ’72

Dr. Bonnie Faherty and Mr. Edward G. Feldman

Mr. Joel Fajnor and Ms. Patricia A. Leonard ’04, M.K.M. ’11

Mr. Joshua R. Feffer ’94 and Ms. Jessica B. Nadel ’94

Mr. Jerrold S. Felsenthal and Mrs. Judith C. Felsenthal

Mr. Mehrtash Ferdows

Mr. Mehrzad Ferdows and Mrs. Nazak Ferdows

Mr. Don C. Ferrera ’91 and Ms. Deanna Ferrera

Mr. Stephen D. Finestone and Ms. Maria E. Finestone

Mr. Douglas Firstenberg and Ms. Suzanne Firstenberg

Ms. Jean P. Firstenberg

Mr. Philip W. Fiscus ’78 and Ms. Colleen M. Fiscus

Dr. Janet E. Fish and Mr. Robert D. Bashaw

Mr. David W. Fisher ’69 and Ms. Paula J. Fisher

Mr. Frederick Fisher

Ms. Ardis A. Flenniken ’75, M.A. ’78, M.A. ’84

Ms. Lillian A. Flood and Mr. Andrew T. Flood

Mr. Kenneth R. Floyd ’80 and Ms. Ana M. Floyd

Ms. Patricia Fogarty and Mr. David G. Svoboda

Mr. Aaron N. Foley ’08

Mr. Victor J. Fong ’89

Dr. Gail F. Fonosch ’68

Mr. Thomas J. Ford

Mr. Burton Forester and Ms. Nanette Forester

Mr. Darrell A. Forgey ’69 and Mrs. Carolyn L. Forgey

Ms. Ruth L. Forman MA ’79 and Mr. Lee S. Forman

Ms. Lynette D. Franklin ’80, MBA ’03

Mrs. Nadia Freed ’83, M.A. ’88

Mr. Charles Friedlander ’81 and

Mrs. Kathy Friedlander

Mr. David Friedman ’72

Mr. Ronald S. Friedman ’70 and

Ms. Sandra A. Friedman

Mr. Steven L. Friedman ’72 and

Ms. Harriette G. Friedman

Ms. Susanne L. Fritsche

Mr. Carlos A. Fuentes ’82 and

Dr. Patricia L. De La Riva ’84

Dr. Warren A. Furumoto and

Ms. Rosa L. Furumoto ’81, M.A. ’91

Mr. Amado V. Galaviz ’04, M.S. ’07

Mr. Michael Gallichio

Dr. Jorge Garcia and Ms. Irene Rodriguez-Garcia

Mr. Joseph A. Gardner ’67 and Ms. Nancy Gallagher

Mr. Ben L. Gary ’06 and Ms. Danielle D. Flores

Mr. Timothy K. Gaspar ’07

D. J. Gaspard, M.D.

Dr. Bruce R. Gelvin and Mrs. Diane Gelvin

Mr. Eugene L. George ’86 and Ms. Vasiliki Irene George

Ms. Katharyn A. Gerlich ’79

Mr. Daniel Gidez

Dr. F. Harold Giedt and Dr. Helen K. Giedt

Mr. Charles B. Gilbert ’86

Mr. John T. R. Gillespie ’70 and Mrs. Maureen Gillespie

Mr. Stanley W. Gilson ’70 and

Ms. Phyllis J. Gilson ’70, ’75, M.A. ’82

Mr. Bert Ginsberg

Mr. Tom A. Giuffrida ’67 and Ms. Judy L. Giuffrida

Ms. Patricia L. Glaser

Mr. Mark Glasser ’87

Dr. Robert Gohstand and Ms. Maureen A. Gohstand

Ms. Kim L. Goldberg-Roth ’02, M.S. ’05 and Mr. Ernest Roth

Mr. Allen L. Golden and Ms. Marilyn Golden

Mr. John R. Golisch ’72

Mr. Filiberto Gonzalez ’97 and Ms. Lucero Gonzalez

Mr. Joseph L. Goodman

Mr. Shepard G. Goodman ’64 and Ms. Ronni J. Goodman ’66

Mr. Alfred J. Gorman and Ms. Deanna M. Freeman-Gorman

Mr. Arnold J. Gould

Ms. Marian B. Gould ’78 and Mr. Jerome W. Gould

Mr. Bryan A. Green ’94 and Ms. Jennifer Green

Mr. David P. Green ’84, B.A. ’89, M.A. ’92

Mr. Mark S. Green ’83 and Mrs. Alessandra Green

Ms. Yvonne L. Green

Mr. Peter A. Grego

Mr. William C. Griffeth ’80 and Ms. Cynthia R. Griffeth ’78

Ms. Deanne M. Grimes ’98 and Mr. Hugh H. Grimes

Dr. Todd M. Gross ’86 and Ms. Sheryl B. Wasserman-Gross ’91

Mr. Richard Gruber

Mr. Robert J. Guerrero ’74 and Ms. Eriana V. Guerrero

Mr. Donald G. Gumpertz and Ms. Anna L. Gumpertz

Mr. Joseph A. Gunn

Dr. Robert D. Gunsalus and Mrs. AJ Gunsalus

Ms. Diana Haake and Mr. Michael Haake

Ms. Bernice C. Haber

Ms. Shellie S. Hadvina ’90, M.P.A. ’98 and

Mr. Richard J. Hadvina ’94

Ms. Elizabeth F. Hailey

Ms. Joanne K. Hanifan

Mr. Robert M. Hanisee ’65 and Ms. Denise J. Hanisee

Dr. Charles E. Hanson and Ms. Nancy H. Hanson

Mr. John J. Harris ’72 and Mrs. Millicent Harris

Ms. Phyliss R. Harris

Mrs. Ruth A. Harris

Dr. Dianne F. Harrison and Mr. John L. Wujack

Mr. Larry G. Hart ’67 and Ms. Anna L. Hart

Mr. John M. Haworth

Mr. Horace H. Heidt and Mrs. Sandra Heidt

Ms. Cherry L. Henricks ’69 and Mr. Donald G. Henricks

Mr. Pastor Herrera

Mr. David P. Herrmann ’68 and Mrs. Brenda J. Herrmann

Mr. Leslie H. Hershberger ’77 and Ms. Mamie Wong ’81

Mr. Bobby R. Hester ’69

Mr. Frank J. Hevrdejs ’72 and Mrs. Michelle S. Hevrdejs

Ms. Reva Hicks

Ms. Jackie A. Hiegert ’65 and

Mr. Robert J. Hiegert ’64, M.A. ’68

Mr. Ernest R. Hilger

Mr. Joshua P. Hinrichs ’97

Ms. Elizabeth L. Hirsch

Mr. Frank C. Hobmeier ’99

Ms. Katherine S. Hoffman and Mr. Gary L. Hoffman ’62

Mr. Robert R. Hollman ’67 and Ms. Joan Hollman

Mr. Charles S. Holmes ’62 and Mrs. Susan Holmes

Ms. Dori A. Holnagel ’99

Ms. Tama T. Holve

Dr. Werner Horn

Dr. William R. Hosek and Ms. Jeanette Hosek

Dr. Daniel W. Hosken and Mrs. Rebekka Hosken

Ms. Mara L. Houdyshell ’80, M.A. ’85

Ms. Gianna T. Howard-Larsen

Dr. Bettina J. Huber

Mr. Ronald W. Hunt and Ms. Joyce E. Hunt

Mr. Mark H. Hurst and Ms. Christine Hurst

Mr. Bill Imada ’84

Ms. Ani M. Issaian ’93, M.S. ’95 and Mr. Haick Issaian

Mr. S. Bruce Jack

Mr. Robert I. Janovici and Ms. Susan M. Janovici

Ms. Christina Jaskiewicz

Ms. Jazmyn Jasso ’14

Mr. Alan M. Jeffery ’65 and Ms. Rosemary E. Jeffery

Mr. Paul S. Jennings ’85 and Mrs. Adrienne Jennings

Dr. Sandra L. Jewett

Mrs. Gail W. Johnson

Mr. Kenneth L. Johnson ’03 and Ms. Sherry L. Johnson

Mr. Jon P. Joyce ’03 and Ms. Susan Joyce

Mr. Fernando Juarez

Dr. Jennifer L. Kalfsbeek-Goetz and Dr. Jack R. Goetz

Mr. Mannon Kaplan

Mr. Pyotr Kaplansky and Ms. Zinaida Kaplansky

Mr. Seljuk Kardan

Mr. Mark A. Katchen ’79

Mr. Clay L. Keller

Dr. Robert J. Kiddoo ’69 and Ms. Patricia A. Kiddoo

Mr. William Y. Kim

Mr. Ergun Kirlikovali and Ms. Juliana Kirlikovali

Mr. Anthony L. Kitchener ’94 and Ms. Cindy Sha

Ms. Karla Klarin

Dr. Sandra L. Klasky ’77 and Dr. Irving Klasky

Mr. Stephen C. Kolakowski ’79 and Ms. Lisa Kolakowski

Ms. Julie M. Kornblum ’02 and Mr. Irving H. Kornblum ’81

Mr. Frederic Kornfeind

Mr. Michael A. Kramer ’90 and Ms. Tina F. Kramer

The Honorable Sandy R. Kriegler ’72 and Dr. Shelley L. Kriegler

Mr. David Kronen and Ms. Gita Kronen

Mrs. Sheila Kurland ’78 and Mr. Stanford L. Kurland ’75

Mr. Gregory Kustanovich ’15

Mr. Jason Labinger

Mr. Luis Lainer and Mrs. Lee F. Lainer

Mr. Mark Lainer and Mrs. Eleanor Lainer

Ms. Heather J. Lake

Ms. Sherry Lapides

Mr. Isaac Larian and Ms. Angela Larian

Dr. John K. Lawrence and Dr. Barbara J. Kulik Lawrence

Dr. Paul J. Lazarony

Mr. Dan L. Lazarovits ’99 and Ms. Kelley J. Lazarovits

Mr. David C. Lee

Mr. Craig E. Leener ’77 and Ms. Andrea Leener

Mr. Gary I. Leff ’65 and Mrs. Kathryn R. Leff

Ms. Marla Lefton and Mr. Cary J. Lefton

Dr. Eric R. Leibovitch and Ms. Harriet Leibovitch

Ms. Lauren B. Leichtman ’71 and Mr. Arthur E. Levine

Mr. George S. Leis ’81 and Ms. Laurie Leis

Mr. Bruce Lemmerman ’69 and Mrs. Brigitte J. Lemmerman

Mr. Garry D. Lennon

Mr. Peter M. Leonhardt

Ms. Dena P. Lerner

Ms. Aliza Lesser and Mr. Michael J. Lesser

Mr. Richard S. Levy ’74 and Ms. Barbara L. Levy ’74

Ms. Pamela S. Lewis ’96

Dr. Yi Li and Ms. Shan Li

Ms. Mildred E. Lieto ’90

The Honorable Linda S. Lingle ’75

Mr. Samuel J. Lingrosso

Dr. Terri E. Lisagor ’90 and Dr. Mark S. Lisagor

Mr. David J. Liston ’80 and Ms. Angela Liston

Mr. Kevin L. Lizarraga ’01, M.A. ’04 and Ms. Jacqueline Lizarraga

Mr. Jeseph Loeb

Mr. Jerry Lomonaco

Ms. Erin Long and Mr. Gilbert Long

Ms. Beryl J. Loughlin

Ms. Melissa Lovelady

Dr. Brent A. Lowensohn ’70 and Ms. Tamara A. Lowensohn

Ms. Helen Lowy ’75 and Mr. Alan G. Lowy

Ms. Airong Lu ’15

Dr. Brennis Lucero-Wagoner ’72 and Mr. Jim Wagoner

Mr. Sidney Luckenbach ’89 and Ms. Julie Luckenbach

Mr. Michael J. Luisi

Dr. Robert J. Luszczak ’84 and Ms. Lorraine B. Luszczak

Mr. Daniel R. Lyle ’69 and Ms. Myra C. Lyle ’74, M.A. ’80

Ms. Fayde Macune

Mr. Ray Macune and Ms. Nancy Macune

Ms. Angela Maddahi and Dr. Jamshid Maddahi

Mrs. Maryam Maddahi

Ms. Nazy Maddahi

Mr. Philip S. Magaram Hon.D. ’03 and Ms. Sally Magaram

Mrs. Georgann L. Mahony ’74

Mr. Tom Mahony and Ms. Becky Mahony

Mr. David P. Malone ’81 and Ms. Cynthia M. Malone

Ms. Linda L. Malone ’86 and Mr. Randolph Malone

Ms. Patricia A. Maloney ’80

Ms. Virginia Mancini

Mr. Gus H. Manders ’64 and Ms. Erika Manders

Mr. Steven Manios

Ms. Helen M. Marcus

Mr. Michael Maricle

Mr. Jeffrey A. Marine and Mrs. Joni Marine

Mr. Louis E. Marino and Ms. Lucille C. Marino

Mr. Lauren Marker

Mr. William W. Marks

Mr. Kurt R. Marsden ’92 and Ms. Debie Marsden

Ms. Kathleen P. Martin

Mr. Nathan Matthew

Dr. Donald J. Matthewson ’66

Mr. John A. Maupin

Mr. Wayne McClean ’70 and Ms. Gloria E. Salazar-McClean ’03

Mr. Michael D. McClure ’70 and

Ms. Beth M. McClure ’73, B.A. ’92

Ms. Winnifred L. McGinnis

Mr. Daniel R. McGreevy M.A. ’69

Dr. Gordon W. McGregor and Ms. Marjorie A. McGregor

Ms. Courtney A. McIntyre

Mr. Michael J. McIntyre ’74, M.A. ’79

Ms. Mary J. Meelia

Mr. Elliot M. Megdal ’69 and Mrs. Alana Megdal

Mr. Christopher C. Melcher ’91

Mr. Alex A. Melconian ’94

Mr. Louis E. Mellman ’86

Mr. Darren M. Menaker

Mr. Robert Mendow

Ms. Sara C. Merayo ’87

Mr. Randy Merdler ’75

Dr. James E. Mertzel and Ms. Marianne Mertzel

Mr. Vance T. Meyer ’74 and Ms. Patricia Meyer

Mr. John D. Mickus ’68 and Ms. Debra Grieb

Mr. George J. Mihlsten

Mr. Kenneth A. Miles ’82

Ms. Christa Miller

Mr. Lawrence D. Miller

Ms. Patricia I. Miller ’72, M.A. ’76 and Mr. Robert H. Miller ’73

Mr. Johnny Minassian ’93, MBA ’96 and

Ms. Eliza Minassian ’01

Mrs. Patricia R. Minkiewicz ’62 and Mr. Vincent J. Minkiewicz

Dr. Nirmal K. Mishra and Ms. Pratima Mishra

Mr. Afshin Moghavem

Ms. Nancy L. Moles ’84 and Mr. Craig R. Moles

Mr. Dave Y. Moon ’89 and Ms. Ellen C. Moon ’08

Dr. Richard W. Moore

Mr. Roland R. Moos and Ms. Callie E. Moos

Dr. Carole Morton

Ms. Vicki L. Morton

Mr. Aubert J. Mowry ’68 and Mrs. Barbara Mowry

Mr. Philip J. Mundy ’71 and Mrs. Nancy C. Mundy

Mr. Bryan Murphy and Ms. Kim Murphy

Dr. Harry J. Murphy ’66 and Dr. Deborah Gilden

Mr. Ronald G. Myhan ’77

Mr. Robert M. Myman ’67 and Ms. Deborah L. Myman

Mr. Julian V. Nadler

Mr. Leon Nalbandian ’84 and Ms. Lucy C. Nalbandian

Ms. Christy Nassau-Taxon ’77 and Mr. Alan B. Taxon

Mr. David Y. Nazarian ’82 and Mrs. Angella Nazarian

Mr. Sam Nazarian

Dr. Sharon Nazarian

Ms. Shulamit Nazarian

Mr. Marc N. Needleman and Mrs. Luz Needleman

Mrs. Margaret L. Nelson ’91 and Mr. James M. Nelson

Mr. William A. Nelson

Ms. Nancy L. Ngou ’83

Mrs. Harriet Nichols and Mr. Steve Nichols

Mr. Jeffrey M. Noblitt and Mrs. Natalie Noblitt

Mr. Christopher L. Norman ’06, M.S. ’11

Mr. Charles H. Noski ’73, M.S. ’95, Hon.D. ’07 and

Ms. Lisa Noski

Mr. Richard M. Nupoll ’70

Ms. Linda W. Nyquist

Mr. Irwin A. Oberman ’67 and Ms. Susan Oberman

Mr. Edward L. O’Brien and Ms. Parry A. Weet O’Brien

Mr. Michael T. Okabayashi ’85

Ms. Kimmee R. Olmedo

Ms. Carolyn R. Oppenheimer ’92 and Dr. Steven B. Oppenheimer

Mr. Christopher Orndorff and Mrs. Virginia Orndorff

Mr. George E. Ortega ’82

Mr. Bob R. Ortego ’85 and Ms. Josephine L. Ortego ’86

Ms. Joy Osborne and Mr. Allen W. Osborne ’77

Ms. Francine Oschin ’84, M.A. ’85

Dr. Noubar K. Ouzounian and Ms. Tracy L. Ouzounian

Dr. Nancy J. Owens and Mr. N. Owens

Ms. Kelsey Page

Mr. Vinay Y. Pandit and Ms. Rajashree Pandit

Ms. Nancy Pank

Dr. Mary S. Pardo

Ms. Maria S. Paredes

Mr. Sanford P. Paris and Ms. Valerie Paris

Ms. Blanca E. Parra-Sibert ’72 and Dr. John W. Sibert

Ms. Brana A. Paster ’64 and Mr. Robert D. Paster

Mrs. Maria D. Patron ’93 and Mr. Carlos E. Patron ’99

Ms. Ann C. Patterson ’80

Mr. Norman Pattiz and Dr. Mary T. Pattiz

Ms. Anne M. Payne ’65 and Mr. John T. Payne

Mr. Barry Pearlman

Dr. Sabrina Peck

Ms. Marydale H. Pecora and Mr. Salvatore D. Pecora

Mr. Gerald R. Pelton ’74 and Mrs. Pamela T. Pelton ’73

Ms. Nancy M. Penera ’88 and Mr. Romulo C. Penera

Ms. Ana R. Perez ’07 and Mr. Cesar Perez

Mr. John P. Perez ’68

Mr. David L. Perkins ’73 and Ms. Ann S. Perkins

Mr. C. Frank Peters II ’69

Mr. Jerry K. Petry ’79 and Ms. Mary J. Petry ’71

Dr. Michael Phillips and Ms. Marlene Phillips

The Honorable Joy N. Picus and Dr. Gerald S. Picus

Ms. Barbara Pinchuk and Mr. Sheldon Pinchuk

Ms. Monika Poe and Mr. Terry D. Poe

Dr. Barbara K. Polland ’70

Ms. Nancy J. Porter

Ms. Carolyn C. Powers

Mr. Gary W. Pratt ’80

Mr. Michael A. Preis ’02 and Ms. Tait Preis

Mr. Howard P. Press ’81 and Ms. Ellen J. Mercer Press ’84

Mr. David M. Primes ’76, M.S. ’12 and Ms. Joyce A. Primes ’75

Mr. David J. Prosenko ’94

Mr. Robert W. Provin ’69, M.A. ’75

Ms. Elizabeth A. Purcell

Ms. Anjum G. Qureshi ’87, M.S. ’94

Ms. Joy Ragsdale and Mr. Richard Ragsdale

Mr. Senaka Ranaweera

Ms. Lillian Raphael

Mr. Isidoro Raponi and Ms. Nina I. Edelstein

Mr. Robert J. Rawitch ’67 and Dr. Cynthia Z. Rawitch

Ms. Mary A. Read ’13 and Mr. James A. Torchio

Mr. William Rees and Ms. Dorothy Rees

Mr. Gerald M. Reiche ’79

Dr. Yolanda S. Reid-Chassiakos

Ms. Andrea M. Reinken ’80 and Mr. Donald Reinken

Ms. Linda Rendell

Mr. Ramiro M. Reveles ’79 and Ms. Laureen C. Reveles ’80

Ms. Linda D. Riccomini

Ms. Lisa D. Riccomini-Clancy ’01 and Mr. Garrett L. Clancy ’03

Dr. Donald B. Rice and Dr. Susan F. Rice

Mr. Randolph A. Rice ’75 and Ms. Carole B. Rice

Dr. Harvey E. Rich and Dr. Magnhild Lien

Mrs. Carol E. Richards ’76

Mr. Brian E. Ring ’78 and Ms. Marianne Ring

Mr. James H. Ring ’70, B.A. ’72 and Ms. Raina J. Ring

Mr. Jerrold E. Rishe ’72 and Ms. Laura L. Rishe ’72

Mr. Peter J. Rivera ’86 and Ms. Kelley M. Rivera ’87

Ms. Gloria E. Roberts ’98, M.P.A. ’04

Mr. Jason C. Roberts ’98, M.A. ’03 and Ms. Daphne Roberts ’07

Mr. George B. Robertson ’65 and Ms. Gratia S. Robertson ’72

Ms. Peggy T. Robin ’75 and Mr. Edward B Robin

Ms. Christi K. Robinson ’07 and Mr. John Robinson

Ms. Vicki P. Rollins

Mr. Mike Roos

Ms. Cristina Rose and Mr. Scott F. Randolph ’99

Ms. Madonna R. Rose ’72 and Mr. Thomas M. Nolan

Mr. Jeffrey A. Rosen ’83, M.S. ’84

Mr. Ken Rosenberg and Ms. Deborah Dilley

Mr. Daniel C. Rosenson ’68 and Ms. Linda C. Rosenson ’70

Mr. Leonard J. Roth and Ms. JoAnn S. Roth

Mr. Tim Rothanzl and Ms. Debbie Rothanzl

Ms. Letricia A. Roughan ’91 and Mr. Frances J. Roughan ’78

Dr. Louis G. Rubino and Ms. Judith P. Rubino

Dr. Raul Ruiz

Ms. Phyllis K. Russell ’76 and Mr. Timothy W. Fox

Mr. Michael C. Ryan and Mr. Ken B. Howard

Ms. Roya Saberzadeh ’82

Ms. Karen Sabourin

Mr. Houman Salem ’94

Mr. Heberto M. Sanchez ’99, M.P.A. ’02

Mr. Michael L. Sandler

Dr. Elizabeth A. Say ’81 and Dr. Linda A. Moody

Ms. Ronora W. Sayaman ’97

Ms. Helene L. Schacter and Dr. Robert I. Schacter

Mr. Robert B. Schaeffer ’03

Mr. Michael S. Schaffer ’79 and Ms. Felicia Schaffer

Mr. Stanley H. Schloss and Ms. Yona Schloss

Mr. Alan M. Schnaid ’90 and Ms. Antonia Schnaid ’97

Mr. Howard S. Schneider

Mr. Fred J. Scholder

Ms. Amy Schottenstein and Mr. Justin Magaram

Mr. Carson E. Schreiber ’68

Mr. Gary L. Schrodt ’77 and Ms. Rebecca E. Schrodt

Mr. Zachary W. Schuler ’97 and Mrs. Leslie Schuler

Mr. Emanuel Schweid

Mr. Allan Schweitzer and Ms. Lily Schweitzer

Mr. Richard H. Schweitzer ’87 and Ms. Julie L. Schweitzer

Dr. John R. Scott ’71, M.A. ’73 and Ms. Danielle Scott

Mr. Michael C. Scroggie ’69 and Ms. Kathleen J. Scroggie ’66

Ms. Natasha Sedaghat and Mr. Shawn Sedaghat

Professor James E. Sefton

Ms. Catherine Segovia

Mr. Suren P. Seropian ’88

Dr. Bharath A. Sethuraman and Ms. Prabhavati Rao

Dr. Paulette Shafranski

Ms. Rashmi S. Shah ’94 and Mr. Satish N. Shah

Mr. Shaw Shahery and Mrs. Shirin Shahery

Mr. Farhad Shamloo and Ms. Soodabeh H. Houshmand

Dr. Mary E. Shamrock

Dr. Margaret M. Shiffrar

Dr. Carol Ann S. Shubin

Ms. Lauren Shuler Donner

Mr. Mark Siegel and Ms. Maricela Siegel

Ms. Charlene M. Sievers ’74 and Mr. Mike Sievers

Ms. Marjorie Sievers

Mr. David R. Simon and Ms. Christina Simon

Mr. Stephen Simon and Mrs. Rose Simon

Mr. Gary C. Simons ’82 and Ms. Gilena Simons

Dr. Domenick J. Sisto and Ms. Laura Kondra-Sisto

Ms. Jill A. Smith and Mr. Kent J. Smith

Dr. Rebecca Smith and Mr. Jeffrey P. Smith

Dr. Richard Warren Smith

Mr. Richard W. Smith ’66 and Mrs. Laurel Smith

Dr. Wayne W. Smith ’84

Ms. Sarah P. Smizer ’82

The Honorable Christina A. Snyder and Mr. Marc M. Seltzer

Mr. Kent J. Snyder ’64, M.A. ’69 and Mrs. Sandra J. Snyder

Mr. Ashkan Sobhe ’10

Mr. Khashaiar Sobhe ’14

Mr. Ronald D. Sorensen ’88, M.S. ’93

Ms. Amada Sosa

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Steier

Mr. Thor Steingraber

Prof. Steven G. Stepanek ’73, M.S. ’80

Ms. Diane S. Stephens ’90, MBA ’08 and

Mr. Michael R. Stephens ’93

Mr. Bob Stiefel ’67 and Mr. Ed T. Imparato

Mr. Guy N. Stocks ’79, M.S. ’81 and Ms. Lorraine Turcotte

Ms. Colette Storms and Mr. Michael Storms

Dr. Mark E. Stover and Ms. Elaine D. Stover

Mr. John F. Sturges ’75 and Ms. Helen Sturges

Mr. Jonathan A. Sturm and Ms. Julie K. Sturm

Ms. Sheila R. Suarez and Dr. John M. Suarez

Ms. Elizabeth M. Sullivan ’75 and Mr. Timothy V. Sullivan

Ms. Amy Sullivan Meyer and Mr. Paul K. Meyer

Mr. Andrew J. Summers

Dr. Michael L. Summers and Ms. Leah N. Summers

Mr. Jack R. Suzar ’67 and Ms. Linda M. Suzar

Dr. Muriel H. Svec

Mr. Dennis K. Swanson and Mrs. Manja Swanson

Mr. Judd T. Swarzman and Ms. Linda Swarzman

Mr. Curtis Swindal

Ms. Tamara A. Tamburro ’80

Dr. Shari A. Tarver-Behring and Mr. John D. Behring

Mr. Robert C. Taylor and Mrs. Leslie C. Taylor

Mr. Robert D. Taylor ’82 and Ms. Joy L. Taylor

Mr. Steven Taylor and Ms. Natalie Taylor

Ms. Renee Tepper

Dr. Stella Z. Theodoulou

Mr. Gary M. Thomas ’83

Mr. Scott G. Thomas ’80 and Ms. Robyn Thomas

Ms. Avis Thomas-Lester ’87 and Mr. James R. Lester ’90

Mr. Neal S. Thornhill ’92 and

Ms. Bridget S. Sampson ’91, M.A. ’93

Dr. Nayereh E. Tohidi and Mr. Kazem Alamdari

Dr. C. Richard Tracy ’66, M.S. ’68 and Dr. Judith Sugar

Mr. George E. Trask ’69 and Ms. Sherri Trask

Mr. John P. Tronson ’90 and Ms. Pamela J. Tronson

Mr. David A. Trutt and Ms. Sandra Trutt

Mr. Kevin Tsujihara and Mrs. Sandy Tsujihara

Ms. Marcella A. Tyler and Mr. Richard R. Tyler

Mr. Ira Unterman

Mr. Milton G. Valera ’68 and Ms. Debbie M. Valera

Ms. Nancy L. Vallens Schramling ’80

Ms. Yvonne Vargas

Mr. Omar Velasco

Dr. Ralph D. Vicero

Mr. Gary S. Victor

Mr. Alan D. Vier ’81

Mr. Salvador M. Villescas ’93, M.A. ’98

Mr. Roger Wacker and Ms. Angelle Wacker

Mr. Timothy S. Wahl and Ms. Julia Strickland

Mr. William C. Waldman ’10 and Ms. Leslie D. Waldman

Mr. Jimmy J. Walker ’68, M.A. ’72

Mr. Gregory L. Wallace ’71

Mr. Michael Wallace ’02, M.S. ’04 and Ms. Deborah Wallace

Mr. William L. Warburton ’81

Dr. Veda E. Ward and Mr. David P. Henninger

Mr. Michael Waterstreet ’76

Dr. William C. Watkins ’74 and Ms. Paula G. Watkins

Ms. Janet Watt Van Huisen

Mr. Jeffrey S. Way ’80 and Ms. Linda K. Way

Ms. Jessica Weber

Mr. Jonathan Webster

Ms. Caryn E. Weiss

Mr. Burton D. West ’69 and Ms. Susan West

Mr. Frankert K. Wheaton ’73

Mr. Jack L. White ’72, M.A. ’75 and Mrs. Rhoda L. White

Mr. John G. Whitman ’71 and Ms. Carmel M. Whitman

Mr. Garfield O. Whittaker ’95, M.A. ’05, M.A. ’07

Mr. Bruce F. Whizin ’71, M.A. ’73

Dr. Sam N. Winningham and Ms. Marilyn Winningham

Ms. Sharon S. Winston and Mr. Irwin M. Winston

Ms. Mary Anne Wolfson ’10 and Mr. Kim Wolfson

Dr. Lan K. Wong ’73 and Mrs. Deborah Chung

Mr. Jared Woods and Ms. Erin Woods

Ms. Janice D. Woolsey ’89, M.S. ’91 and

Mr. Robert O. Woolsey ’80

Ms. Rosalind Wyman

Ms. Sandra M. Yamamoto ’74 and Mr. Gary K. Yamamoto

Ms. Laura F. Yamanaka ’78 and

Dr. Steven F. Loy ’77, B.A. ’78, M.A. ’79

Ms. Janet Yang ’93

Ms. Amy E. Yeager

Mr. Alejandro Yemenidjian ’77 and Mrs. Arda Yemenidjian

Mr. Leadman Yep ’89 and Ms. Jennifer S. Yep ’94

Ms. Wendy L. Yost ’94, M.A. ’97

Mr. Roger Young

Mr. Irving L. Zakheim ’72 and Mrs. Angela R. Zakheim

Mr. Robert G. Zangwill and Ms. Ruth Zangwill

Ms. Suzanne Zaret

Ms. Alma R. Zatarain ’80 and Mr. Mark A. Bowland

Dr. Maria Elena Zavala and Dr. James Parker

Mr. David A. Zoraster and Ms. Cherie Zoraster

Dr. Bruce A. Zucker and Dr. Kiren K. Dosanjh Zucker