Channon Fluker Continues to Dominate Women’s Basketball

by Michael Schena

She was named the Big West Conference Freshman of the Year in 2015-16. She won the Big West Player of the Year award for 2016-17, as a sophomore. She pounded the hardwood at the U23 USA Women’s National Team Training Camp this past summer. She’s only a junior, but she’s all Matador.

Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and 230 pounds, Channon Fluker is a center that few teams know how to guard — it’s why opposing players constantly double-team her to try to stop her from scoring. But that strategy rarely works. 

In her first two seasons as a Matador, Fluker has dominated opponents in the paint. In 2016, she averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds per game, the best in the Big West. She also had a big presence defensively, leading the conference with 75 blocks.

Despite dominating Big West opponents for two seasons, Fluker still has ambitious personal and team goals that she wants to achieve before finishing her career at CSUN.

“My main goal is to have my jersey retired. It’s just about keeping up the hard work and hopefully, I’ll get there,” Fluker said.  “My team goal is to win the Big West for the next two years I’m here.”

On top of all of her success as a Matador, Fluker said she was proud to represent her country, playing with the best of the best over the summer with the U23 National Team at Colorado Springs.

“Looking back, in high school I never thought I’d get this far,” she said. “I was nervous and excited at the same time to be able to play with the other girls and coaches who have been doing it for a while.”