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UDWPE Workshops


The LRC Writing Center offers a variety of workshops to assist students with their preparation for the UDWPE. Please read through the offerings below and pick the workshop that best fits your needs. We also offer one-on-one consultations; read about what that entails below as well.

Please know: Students 10 or more minutes late to a workshop will not be admitted to workshops as it is disruptive to the instructor and the other students. 

Note: The Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam measures a skill that takes time to develop. There is no quick and easy way to prepare for it. The best preparation is to have done a considerable amount of reading and writing, and to have taken writing seriously throughout your high school and college career.  Find out more about the UDWPE here.

Next UDWPE: 

April 22nd-26th - Computer Administered Exams

April 27th - Paper Administered Exams

We Have Several Ways to Help You Prepare: 


The UDWPE Intensive 

The UDWPE Intensive Workshop is a series of concentrated writing instruction and practice sessions, totaling 8 hours, for students who have failed the exam and/or wish to have more detailed instruction. The Intensive takes place over two weeks, for four days total. 

In these sessions, you will receive information on the mechanisms of the exam, as well as step by step writing process instruction with opportunities to practice what you are learning in class with your peers and the writing consultant running the sessions. You will also be given a practice exam, which will receive some feedback from the consultant. Lastly, you will discuss things such as test anxiety, time management, and preparation plans.

You need to be able to attend all four days of the Intensive as each one builds off the previous session. 

Option One:

Days/Time:  April 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 2:30-4:30pm
Location:  LRC, 3rd Floor, Oviatt Library
Presenter: Dylan


Sign up: 

In person: Stop by the Learning Resource Center and write your name on the sign-up sheet for a particular day and time.
By phone: Call (818) 677-2033 and ask to have your name placed on the sign-up sheet for a particular session.

* Be sure to mark down the day, all dates, and time of your session. If you can't attend, call (818) 677-2033 to cancel. You must attend all 8 hours of the Intensive Workshop. 

UDWPE 1.5 Hour Overview Workshop

The UDWPE Overview 

This 1.5-hour workshop provides information on the structure of the exam, a breakdown of the scoring guidelines, a quick overview of possible essay structures, and review of the key writing skills and organization principles.

This overview workshop is best for students who feel they would benefit from/require a refresher on essay structure and a breakdown of the parameters of the exam.

  • PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONLY WORKSHOP - space is very limited and the presentation is the same every time. Thank you!

Option 1:

Days/Time:  Tuesday, April 16th at 9:30am

Location:  LRC, 3rd Floor, Oviatt Library
Presenter:   Sean         Please click here to sign up for the Overview on 4/16


Option 2:

Days/Time:  Thursday, April 18th at 4:30pm

Location:  LRC, 3rd Floor, Oviatt Library
Presenter:  Melissa           Please click here to sign up for the Overview on 4/18

UDWPE 3 Hour and 15 minute Workshop: The Prep Session

In the UDWPE Prep Session you will participate in a one-hour introduction to the exam, learning its format and some strategies and best practices for taking the exam. Then you will sit for a practice UDWPE exam for two hours.

This practice exam will be reviewed by a Writing Consultant and students will have the opportunity to sign-up for a 15-minute review of the practice exam the following week at the Writing Center.

This workshop is recommended for students who have a good understanding of writing conventions in general, but want to gain knowledge on the specifics of the UDWPE, and who want to practice before the real exam and get some advice from a writing professional.

Day/Time:  Saturday, April 20th, 9:30am-12:45pm

Location:  SH 279

Presenter: Dylan      This workshop is now full. 

1.5 Hour UDWPE Workshop: The Overview for Non-native English Speakers

Come learn about the UDWPE in a two hour workshop tailored to Non-Native English students.  There will be extra time to ask questions and speak with a presenter who regularly teaches English to non-native speakers. 

Same focus on test-taking strategies, including careful reading, time management, and essay organization and structure.

  • Please sign up for only one Overview workshop session as all sessions cover the same material. 

NNES Overview option 1:

Day/Time:  Tuesday, April 23rd at 4:30pm

Location:  LRC, 3rd Floor, Oviatt Library
Presenter: Anne        Please click here to sign up for the Overview for NNES on 4/23


1 Hour UDWPE Workshop: Reading, Understanding, and Responding to the Prompt

An important skill tested by the UDWPE is the ability to understand and respond to a reading passage, as well as assess the topic and position it presents.  This workshop will help you develop strategies for breaking down, understanding, and working with the text of the prompt. 

All sessions of this workshop present the same material; please sign up for only one per testing administration. 

Option 1:

Days/Time:  Tuesday, April 16th @ 2:00pm
Location:  LRC, 3rd Floor, Oviatt Library
Presenter:   Rosie     This workshop is now full.  


You can also make an appointment to go over a failed or a practice UDWPE with one of our consultants.  If you want to see a failed exam, you need to call in advance, so a copy of your exam can be ready.  No consultations are possible on failed exams taken over two years ago.  Call (818) 677-2033 and tell the Student Assistant your name, your ID number, and the month and year you took the UDWPE. 

We recommend coming in to review practice exams for any student who is looking to sit for this exam. It is always good to study for any test, and this exam is no exception! We have plenty of practice prompts and trained and experienced writing consultants ready to help you come up with a personalized plan for preparing for and finding success for this exam.  Don't wait until right before the exam.  Consult in time to practice incorporating the needed improvements. 

Appointment times are limited.  Please reserve your consultation early.