TUC Licensing

Student Opportunities

The University Licensing dept is thrilled to offer students a variety of opportunities to assist in Student Success! 

One of the main services we provide students is assistance in clearing and reserving campus locations for student film shoots. Additionally with many professional film shoots taking place on campus throughout the year, we offer students the opportunity to be Extras on professional productions through our Student Extras Program. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in film, can take advantage of our Job Shadow Program in which the student can get on-set experience by shadowing a crew member. See below for more details on how to be involved in any of these opportunities.   




Supporting artist or "background" who's seen milling around in the background of a shot.

Production Assistant
Responsible for various odd jobs, such as stopping traffic, acting as couriers, or getting items from craft service, etc.
Once you join our list serve, you'll be able to enter the site to view upcoming projects, and we'll email you when opportunities arise.

Student Film Shoot

Licensing is happy to support our CTVA students with their academic projects. Students interested in filming on campus must complete the CTVA Filming Request Form with their list of desired locations and requested dates and times. Please note that the Licensing office will need 24 hours to reply back to your request and check availability. To ensure there is enough time to schedule your film shoot, we suggest reaching out to the Licensing dept at least 5 business days from your desired shoot date. This will allow time for the Licensing dept to reserve your space, send out campus notifications of your film shoot and schedule a site rep/liaison (as needed).  

Extras Program

The opportunity to participate in CSUN film shoots is now here. If you are a CSUN student and would like to be an "Extra," in an upcoming project, log into the link below, and enter the appropriate information. By participating in this program, CSUN students can have the opportunity to network with film or TV production staff, gain industry knowledge, or simply have fun! Please note not all opportunities are paid, however participants will be offered meals in lieu of compensation. **Faculty & Staff participation is also welcome!**

To be included in our database, please email: 
Once you join our database, we will send emails to the group you'll be able to enter the site to view upcoming projects, and we'll email you when opportunities arise.


Job Shadow Program

The Licensing Office is offering students an opportunity to shadow the CSUN locations team and film crews at upcoming on campus film shoots. For one day, CSUN students can experience what it is like to be on a live film set and learn from industry pros. Projects will vary, but include photoshoots, commercials, TV filming and feature films. To participate complete the online registration form.  

Please note you will only be alerted via email as opportunities arise. Students will be selected based on a first come, first served basis. Thank you!