TUC Licensing

Filming Prices

CAMPUS FACILITIESPer 14 Hour DayHourly Rates (Minimum 4 Hours)
Feature Film:
Strike & Preparation:
Strike & Preparation:
Strike & Preparation:
Still Shots:
Strike & Preparation:

The Valley Performing Arts Center - Great Hall 

A state of the art building which boasts a 1600-seater performance hall equipped with the latest in acoustical system and impressive design features perfect to host theatre, orchestra and dance performances.

Valley Performing Arts Center Facilities &
Extended Learning Commons

Per 14 Hr-Day  Per Hr (4 Hr Min)
 FilmingPrep & Strike FilmingPrep & Strike
FEATURE FILM$13,200$7,700 $990$495
TELEVISION$8,800$7,260 $660$330
COMMERCIAL$7,700$4,400 $605$319
STILL SHOT$5,500$2,475 $440$220

Please contact us for a list of Student Extras for your upcoming project and receive a one-time 10% discount on Filming Facilities Fees *

USE OF MULTIPLE LOCATIONS ON SAME DAY. Facility fees will be assessed for use of each Major Location. (Smaller locations, such as a classrooms, or an outside lawn area, may be bundled as one Major Location.) In the case of multiple camera crews working in different locations, a police officer and a liaison will be assigned to each location and billed accordingly.

Additional Direct Cost

  • Police Services - $86 per hour
  • Parking Officer - $46 per hour
  • Liaisons - $42-$60 per hour
  • Event Staff - $20 per hour
  • Community Service Assistant - $16 per hour
  • PPM/Custodial - $56 per hour
  • Parking: Autos - $8.80 per day
  • Parking: Trucks, Trailers, Vans - $35-$45 per vehicle

*Standard pricing applies to low impact events.
Prices may be adjusted for Holidays and Events that significantly impact the CSUN campus.

*) The CSUN Department of Police Services determines the need for and number of required police officers. All Events require a Certificate of Liability Insurance with $2 million (or more) aggregate coverage, and a separate insured endorsement page naming California State University, Northridge and The University Corporation as "additional insureds."


  1. CSUN students are not charged with filming fees for student class projects approved by the Cinema & Television Director. Please note that permit letter from the CTVA Director is required at all times during filming.
  2. Any Company conducting a documentary or newscast should contact the Public Relations Office at (818) 677-2130. The campus does not charge film documentaries or newscasts.
  3. Students from other schools and universities must submit a letter from their instructor detailing the class project. The Student must present their student ID card to the Licensing Office and submit their script. The Student is also required to submit insurance and sign an agreement that the film will not be used for commercial purposes. The cost to the student will be a $500 facility fees per day, $84.00 per hour for Police Officer to escort them while filming, and other direct cost or administrative fees.

CSUN faculty, hosting events that involve outside organizations
Please complete the "Event Approval Form" and contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2628/-6572.

Community organizations and private individuals
Please contact the Licensing Office at (818) 677-2628/-6572.

Events involving exclusively CSUN faculty, staff or students
Please contact the Matador Involvement Center at (818) 677-5111

News Events or Documentaries
Please contact the Public Relations Office at (818) 677-2130