TUC Licensing

Filming Locations


California State University Northridge is the ideal college campus for shooting your movie, television programming, commercial, or still shoots.

"Film friendly" and "in the zone", the campus features a wide variety of unique modern industrial and time-honored buildings, the last real orange grove in the San Fernando Valley, a botanic garden with green house, multiple park-like spaces, swimming pools, and a three-bedroom brick house, and a standard University facilities.


Our office will assist you with all arrangements pertaining to your filming, including obtaining the necessary approvals, processing filming permits and agreements, and hiring of campus police and liaison staff.

With our competitive prices, filming friendly policies, and our tailored support services your shoot will turn out to be an all around positive experience.

The following pictures are an overview of the wide variety of landscapes, buildings, and architectural features, which provide an excellent background for movies, television, commercials and photographs.