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Leadership Performance

Leadership Performance Rubric

The following Leadership Performance Rubric is intended to assist in measuring our alignment with the Leadership Principles. Use this tool to support your own professional development, as well as a guide to facilitate productive conversations with administrators that report to you.

The start of a new review/evaluation period, is an ideal time to incorporate the tool into your regular update meetings. The more we talk about our expectations, for ourselves and for our administrator colleagues, the more we support the strengthening of the culture we seek. Keep in mind that it is important that we have ongoing personal reflection and conversation on this subject and not wait for the annual performance evaluation.

You can download and print a copy of the Leadership Performance Rubric here.

Leadership Performance Ratings

Mission Aligned
  • Minimal to no effective strategies aligned with CSUN's mission, values and priorities.
  • Does not demonstrate a personal commitment to student success.
  • After a decision is made, continues to be an active critic of university leaders and initiatives.
  • Actively finds flaws versus recommending solutions.
  • Demonstrates an unwillingness to collaborate in order to preserve control and/or maintain “boundaries.”
Note – whistleblower claims are exceptions.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to student success and the university's vision, values, and priorities by formulating and implementing effective strategies in your own functional areas.
  • Champions and communicates broader strategies to ensure team understands university priorities and initiatives.
  • Participates and creates a community of shared values in which faculty, students, staff, administrators and alumni experience personal satisfaction and pride in their collective achievements.
  • Promotes an environment that enables students to realize their educational goals and promotes an environment that the welfare and intellectual progress of students.
  • Dismantles siloes and works across and with other departments and divisions to accomplish university goals and priorities.
  • Serves as a role model for others by demonstrating a personal commitment to the university vision, values, and priorities.
Ethical and Collegial
  •  Does not consistently treat people with dignity, respect and fairness.
  • Participates in or condones situations that raise moral and ethical questions by not taking appropriate action.
  • Treats people with dignity, respect and fairness.
  • Creates a work environment that engenders trust and that respects the legal and moral constraints that go with working at a public university.
  • Creates and leads a work environment that upholds the highest standards of conduct in keeping with CSUN’s values and mission.
  • Garners trust from team and others across the university, and serves as a role model for others.
  • Does not offer ideas, ask questions or participate in discussions and/or meetings.
  • Shares responsibility for the creation and application of ideas and projects.
  • Actively engages and collaborates on projects, planning and discussion at meetings.
  • Actively seeks out opportunities and the ability to work with colleagues campus- wide resulting in impactful actions.
  • Takes minimal to no responsibility for establishing clear team responsibilities, thus hampering the team’s ability to effectively set priorities or determine desired outcomes.
  • Does not understand applicable laws, regulations and policies.
  • Sets priorities and identifies obstacles while demonstrating knowledge of applicable laws, regulations and policies.
  • Has established clear responsibilities for others and holds self and team responsible and accountable for achieving promised results.
  • Works collaboratively with team to set priorities and establish clear responsibilities for achieving outcomes which exceed expectations.
  • Holds self and team accountable for achieving promised results. Has in-depth understanding of applicable laws, regulations and policies.
Courageous and Resilient
  •  Passive when faced with opposition.
  • Turns away from goals/objectives when confronted by resistance.
  • Demonstrates no desire nor ability to adapt to new challenges.
  • Resists participating in new opportunities and initiatives.
  • Effective in developing solutions to challenging/unique situations.
  • Encourages a solution-oriented and an adaptable working environment when faced with challenges and change.
  • Participates in new opportunities when presented.
  • Perseveres in support of university mission, vision and values despite personal risk or discomfort.
  • Often inspires others to follow their lead.
  • Takes the initiative to move forward following opposition and/or challenging interactions.
  • At times, demonstrates a lack of awareness of and respect for individual differences.
  • Does not always intervene when problematic, non- inclusive behavior arises.
  • Does not promote nor consider the diverse experience and abilities of others in daily work.
  • Demonstrates awareness of and respect for individual differences.
  • Actively supports fair treatment and opportunity for all.
  • Demonstrates ability to engage in critical reflection and discussions with members of the team to drive inclusive practices.
  • Actively listens and promotes a culture that supports the free and open expression of ideas, identities and beliefs and has the capacity to negotiate differences.
  • Encourages staff and others at the university to tap into the rich and diverse experiences of the people that make up the university to propel CSUN forward.
  • Assesses the effectiveness of university practices in order to remove barriers to addressing issues of social justice and inclusion.
  • Does not sufficiently respond to department-related concerns, issues and needs of students, faculty, staff and other constituents are resolved effectively and efficiently.
  • Participates in developing or implementing initiatives that positively impact students, faculty, staff and/or other constituents and further the campus mission.
  • Excels at providing timely, responsive, thoughtful, and creative support to students, faculty, staff and other constituents with any matter requiring resolution.
  • Does due diligence to ensure issues are addressed or resolved.
  •  Does not facilitate access to information required by team members to work effectively.
  • Does not cultivate a working environment that welcomes open dialogue or new perspectives.
  • Communicates information regularly to staff.
  • Holds regular discussions and seeks input from team on projects and ways to move the department, division, and university, forward.
  • Creates an environment in which people feel safe to share ideas and offer differing points of view.
  • Regularly meets with staff to solicit honest input on how things are working in the area, beyond just projects, and actively listens.
  • Provides feedback with empathy.
Talent Builder
  •  Provides minimal feedback. Does not establish clear expectations.
  • Is inaccessible and inconsistently recognizes employee efforts and accomplishments.
  • Observes and provides constructive feedback.
  • Establishes and communicates clear expectations.
  • Is accessible and recognizes and develops employee strengths.
  • Fosters a culture for continual growth and achieving goals. Consistently and informally interacts with and observes direct reports.
  • Feedback is constructive, growth oriented and focused on university mission.
  • Encourages employee growth through professional development and coaching.
  • Prepares high achieving employees for next steps in career.
  • Focus on status quo. Advocates for routine processes at expense of innovation or benefit to others.
  • Participates in developing and implementing initiatives that positively impact and further the campus mission.
  • Considers and welcomes creative ideas that move the team forward.
  • Actively and strategically takes a leadership role and encourages team to advance, develop, and implement initiatives that positively impact and further the campus mission.
  • Inspires an innovative work culture through style of communication and enthusiasm.
  • Regularly brings creative ideas forward and proactively evaluates best practices.