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Think Before You Print

Think Before You Print

The Think Before You Print campaign associated with the Lab Printing @ CSUN program is an effort to support our campus sustainability goals and reduce the overall printing on campus.  We are all encouraged to conserve resources as much as possible and Think Before You Print!

 Do You Need It?

Ask yourself if this really needs to be printed:

  • Can you e-mail your documents?
  • Can you submit course assignments electronically?
  • Can you store and access this document without printing?

 Did You Read It?

Review your documents before printing:

  • Check file settings, such as:  paper size & type, paper orientation, and margins
  • Check printer settings, such as:  double-sided vs single-sided and black & white vs color
  • Review your document before you print:
    • Review your document through Print Preview before printing
    • Check for formatting, spelling, and grammar errors before you print

 Don’t Exceed It!

Use your print funds wisely:

  • Print double-sided whenever possible (this is the default setting)
  • Print more than 1 page per sheet of paper
  • Print PowerPoint slides with 3 or more slides to a page
  • Print color documents in black and white (color is more costly)