Lab Printing

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For help with lab printing, GoPrint software, or your GoPrint account:

The local lab technicians in the college or library can assist you with printing in the labs and GoPrint issues.  You can reach them by:

If the lab technician is unable to resolve your problem, they can escalate the issue to the Lab Printing @ CSUN Administrator.
If you have a printout that was ruined due to mechanical issues with a printer, the lab technicians will reprint the print job for you.  If the lab technician is not able to respond in a timely manner, reprint your document at another nearby printer and request a credit to your account for the ruined print out via the Lab Printing @ CSUN Support Request Form.  Evidence of the ruined printout may be requested.


Special Lab Printing Account Request

If you have visitors that need to print in an instructional lab, faculty and staff may request a Special GoPrint Account to use for an activity or event which includes a group of non-CSUN students, faculty, or staff.  (Please note that all CSUN students, faculty, and staff should have individual GoPrint accounts. If there is an issue with your account, please report the problem following one of the options listed above.) To request a Special GoPrint Account use the following form:  Special Lab Printing Account Request Form.  The request will be routed to your college for approval before the account is created.  Please request the account at least one week prior to the event or activity.