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Zoom’s Updated Terms of Service Do Not Impact CSUN

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CSUN content will not be used to train artificial intelligence

You may have read that Zoom has changed their terms of service to enable users to adopt AI features and share content with the company to train its AI models. 

Higher education institutions have a separate agreement with Zoom that supersedes Zoom’s online terms of service and will not be impacted by this change. This was recently confirmed by the company in a Zoom blog post

The privacy of CSUN content is also protected by the CSU’s Master Agreement with Zoom which supersedes its online terms of service.

More about Zoom’s AI Enabled Features

Zoom has introduced generative AI features on a free trial basis to individual and corporate accounts to enhance the Zoom experience. These features offer automated meeting summaries (Zoom IQ Meeting Summary) and AI-powered chat composition (Zoom IQ Team Chat). Customers decide whether to enable these AI features and whether to share customer content with Zoom to help them improve the service.

These trial features are not available to CSU or CSUN at this time. Therefore, you will not see any ability to use these features or disable data sharing in CSUN Zoom accounts.