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California State University, Northridge will be upgrading its Learning Management System to Moodle 2 during Summer 2013. The following is a list of some of the new features that will be available after the upgrade. The Faculty Technology Center will be offering Moodle 2 training during the Spring Semester.

Course Interface

Minimize clutter on course pages by using the docking feature. Docking reduces blocks to tabs on the far left side of the page which expand when clicked on. Note: This is an end-user ability controlled by individual users. When a teacher docks a block in a course, it does not dock it for students. In addition, the Add a resource and Add an activity pull-down menus have been combined into a single link.

Conditional Activities/Restricting Access

Control access to activities based on set criteria. Useful for making sure students reach a proficiency level before moving on or to ensure students complete assignments in a particular order.  Multiple criteria may be added to a single activity.  For example, students must receive a 100% on Syllabus Quiz AND a 90% or above on Assignment #1 before they can submit Assignment #2.

Streamlined Site Building Tools

Quickly add files to Moodle course sites with drag and drop capability. This feature allows you to move files directly from your desktop straight to your Moodle course site. You can also change file names directly on the course site and edit file information via a pop-up dialog box.

File Management/File Picker

Upload files once and access them across multiple courses. Not only does this save space on the server, but also saves you time, so you no longer have to repeat the steps to upload files in different courses.

Activity and Resource Cloning

Quickly copy resources or activities directly on your course homepage. This feature is available when editing is turned on through the new duplicate button next to each resource and activity.

Activity Completion

Use this feature to allow students to visually track progress by checking off activities as they are completed. Completion can be set to allow students to mark items manually or automatically for completed activities with or without a criteria you set.

Quiz Features

Vary, by student, quiz functionality such as the time they open or close the time limit, or the number of attempts. This is accomplished per student using the User Override feature. This is useful for make-up tests and accommodations requested through Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES). Students will also see a new interface while taking quizzes:

  • Legend containing numbers for each question so students can jump question to question
  • Ability to “flag” questions as a visual reminder in the legend to come back to before submitting quiz
  • Confirmation page will be displayed when submitting the quiz so that students may confirm they have answered all questions

Download All Assignment Submissions as Zip

Download all student submissions into a single zip file and then extract on your local drive. Student names will be added to the front of file names for easy identification. Available for Advanced uploading of files, Online Text, and Upload a Single File assignment types.


Suspend Student Access

Suspend access to students who may have not officially dropped the course. This will prevent students from accessing course exams and content.

Workshop Activity

The workshop is a peer assessment activity where students are graded on two things: the work they submit and their assessments of other students' work. Often spanning multiple days or weeks through the five step process of Setup, Submission, Assessment, Grading/Evaluation, and ending with the Closed phase, the workshop is a complex but powerful tool for advanced Moodle users.


Some documentation material courtesy of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and Moodlerooms.