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CSUN WebDrive

What is the WebDrive?

The WebDrive is CSUN's web hosting environment. CSUN students, faculty and staff who would like to publish a University website for their class or department are encouraged to use the WebDrive.

How do I access the WebDrive?

View instructions for Mapping the WebDrive. Depending on the type of content and program you are managing on the WebDrive, additional steps for mapping the WebDrive may be required. Some of these steps are identified below.

  • SSH/SFTP: Launch your client and use your CSUN user ID and password to connect to Once connected, you will be able to access the WebDrive.
  • .htaccess: Please contact the IT Help Center for assistance. 
  • Database Environment (MySQL): Access to CSUN's Database Environment will vary depending on your affiliation with the University. For more information and access instructions, visit CSUN Database Environments. For additional resources, view a list of Tutorials and Guides for MySQL.
  • PHP: View Permission File. To run a PHP file, add #! /usr/bin/php to the start of your file. For additional resources, view a list of Tutorials and Guides for PHP.

What is the web test environment?

The test environment ( allows you to update and preview your web pages and applications before they are published in production (

How do I access the web test environment?

Contact the IT Help Center. Once you have been granted access, use an SSH and/or SFTP client to access through a test SSH server called hamlet. Launch your client and use your CSUN user ID and Password to connect to

Where can I find accessible web templates?

Students, faculty and staff can use any of the University's Accessible Web Templates. If you are using a different template, we recommend reviewing Web Accessibility and Web Best Practices.

What are the WebDrive's specs & capabilities?


Server Side Includes (SSI)

Server-side includes are enabled on the production and test environment. These files should include the .shtml extension.

Normalize Script

A normalizing script has been deployed on the WebDrive. The script is designed to configure permissions with respect to read, write, execute, and ownership privileges.

Group directory owners running PHP, Perl, CGI, or FastCGI may experience issues due to conflicts with script and dynamic content interaction. To resolve this issue, create a simple text file and place it directly into your public_html folder. This file will act as a flag instructing the script to configure or ignore content. For more information, view the Normalize Script Setup Instructions (.pdf).