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Web-One Training

User Guides 

Web-One Essentials User Guide (.pdf) 

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for content owners to perform the most common tasks. 

Web-One Group Administrator User Guide (.pdf)    

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for group administrators.

Video Tutorials

Web-One Essentials Video Tutorials

Learn the Web-One Essentials by viewing this collection of videos.

Adding a Calendar in Web-One

Learn how to add a calendar in Web-One. 

Submitting an Event for the University Calendar

Learn how to submit an event for the university calendar. 

Additional Resources

Web-One Accessibility Basics (.pdf)   

This guide addresses the basic steps for incorporating accessibility in Web-One webpages.

Web-One Migration Preparation Guide (.pdf)

This guide provides steps to effectively migrate existing web content into Web-One.

Writing for the Web

Gratia Bone, Director of Marketing for The Tseng College, provides tips on Search Engine Optimization and effective writing styles for the web.

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