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Web-One Webforms

As part of the eProcess+ initiative, a Web-One webform can be used to replace a paper based process and convert it to an efficient electronic process for general data and information collection. 

A Web-One webform is a content type within Web-One. A webform contains various field types that users can enter information into. Common examples of webforms are session evaluations, class registrations (for training/professional development), contact us forms, feedback forms, etc. Once a webform is submitted, the data is stored in the Results tab of the webform content type. Data can be downloaded by the webform owner as a .txt file or an Excel spreadsheet for easy sorting and calculation.

Webforms can only contain fields that ask for general information and cannot request information containing Level 1 Confidential data.

Webform Example 1:

Web-One Webform Evaluation Example 1

Webform Example 2:
Web-One Webform Example 2

Webform Example 3:
Web-One Webform Example 3