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Web-One Essentials: Creating, Editing and Publishing

Web-One Essentials - Video Tutorials

These video recordings are from an actual Web-One Essentials class. The videos are broken down by topic so you can quickly find the content you are looking for. 

Watch the entire video series by selecting the Play All button on our YouTube Web-One Essentials Class Playlist.

View the Web-One Essentials transcript (.pdf)

Introduction [ 5m 01s ]

Web Content Owner Roles [ 2m 08s ]

Your Group Landing Page [ 5m 22s ]

Group Landing Page Overview
(Includes Header, Primary Navigation bar, Banner, Constituency Navigation, Layout, Main Body content, Footer)


Navigating the Web-One Interface [ 8m 38s ]

Creating a Slideshow [ 11m 41 ]

Creating a General Page [ 14m 56s ]

Changing Webpage Layout [ 10m 42s ]

Linking to a Video [ 10m 18s ]

Creating a News Article [ 7m 22s ]

Creating an Event [ 2m 42s ]

Adding a Calendar [ 3m 15s ]

Editing a Person List [ 3m 04s ]

Creating a Webform [ 3m 40s ]

Google Analytics [ 2m 23s ]

Checking for Broken Links [ 2m 50s ]

Web-One Wrap Up [ 3m 56s ]